Motorola Reportedly Planning a Successor to the Recently Launched Razr Phone

The hoopla around the recently unveiled Moto Razr flip Smartphone has not died. From Motorola fans to tech critics, everyone is praising the way Motorola revived the iconic Razr phone, and the Smartphone version looks stellar-for sure. There is no denying that Motorola has evaded the mistake Samsung made with the Galaxy Fold earlier. The stylish looks and build of the new Razr have helped it overcome its not so high hardware spec. However, the new Motorola Flagship, priced at approx $1,500, is not the only device in the pipeline to take on rivals like Oneplus and Samsung- according to sources. Even before the sale of the new Moto Razr can commence in most markets, the company is preparing a successor to it. This could be the Razr 2-unless Motorola opts for a fancier name.

An online leak suggests Motorola has got a patent from the USPTO for a new yet to be named foldable phone. The upcoming device folds horizontally much like the Moto Razr, but it has some new and unique features as per the patent leak. It has various touch sensors at the side. These may serve the purpose of virtual buttons. The patent indicates, 20 different gestures and 20 different functions will be done through the side based sensors. These can be used both when the device is open and closed. The device may also have an on-screen fingerprint scanner. However, this is yet to be confirmed.

While side sensors are exciting features, they are not exactly new. Back in 2017, the HTC U11 had Side sensors in the form of Edge Sense. Even the Google Pixel phones have Active Edge, which is used to initiate the Google Assistant. Huawei also used two virtual buttons in its Mate 30 Pro model. However, the Razr 2 may become the first foldable handset with side sensors. As of now, the device is not confirmed. However, given the massive positive response garnered by the revived Razr, a successor is only likely to be made by the company. It would be great if Motorola uses a larger battery in the Razr 2.

Herbert Moreno