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How to Connect Nest Mini to Chromecast

Connecting the Nest Mini to Chromecast can be very practical, right? After all, this way you can put various videos, music and content directly on the TV using Google Assistant voice commands. This looks like something out of science fiction movies, but for that you just need to keep both devices on the same Wi-Fi network and download the Google Home app.

  • What is the Google Home app and what is it for
  • How to Change Your Chromecast's Wi-Fi Network

So, are you setting up your Chromecast? In this article, I teach you how to connect it to your Nest Mini. Just take a look!

How to Connect Nest Mini to Chromecast

Guys, before starting, it's worth remembering that you need to have connected your Nest Mini to the Google Home app ( Android | iOS ). To do this, just keep your Nest Mini turned on and tap "Set Up New Device" in the app to connect it to your Wi-Fi network.

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At A Market Analysis, we have a complete article where you can see how to configure your Nest Mini for the first time in more detail too. It is worth checking!

  1. In Google Home, tap the “➕” icon to add a device;
  2. Select the “Configure Device” option;
  3. Then tap on “New Devices”;
  4. Then the app will search for nearby devices;
  5. Then select “Chromecast/Google TV”;
  6. Keep the device connected to the TV while Google Home adds it to your devices;
  7. With everything in place, you can now take advantage of voice commands like: "Ok, Google open YouTube on Chromecast" to watch content on your TV.
    To configure your Chromecast you just need the Google Home app (Screenshot: A Market Analysis/Felipe Freitas)

Oh! And you can also use Google Assistant commands directly from your phone. So, your home will be much more connected, right? Here's the tip! Did you like this article Share this tip with your friends who use Chromecast.

Read the article on A Market Analysis .

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