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Fujifilm releases BTS-inspired version of Instax Mini 11 camera

Fujifilm has announced the launch of a special version of its Instax Mini 11 portable camera. Inspired by the song Butter by the South Korean K-pop group BTS, it brings a very characteristic look with a yellow body, in addition to colorful details on the lens. , for a "modern, fun and attractive" look, according to the brand.

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Camera brings a personalized look inspired by BTS (Image: Disclosure / Fujifilm)

The product also features a personalized shoulder strap and fun accessories for the shutter button, with a jeweled look and heart emblem. The company will also release new films that match the camera, and feature yellow borders with BTS Butter hearts.

In addition, the camera has features similar to other models previously available from the Instax Mini 11. In other words, it has a compact and ergonomic construction, which "enables the perfect capture of images in different angles and situations", according to what informed the Fujifilm.

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Films with the Butter brand are also sold (Image: Disclosure/Fujufilm)

The camera also features an automatic exposure function, where the device is able to detect ambient lighting conditions and adjust the image clarity to provide a high quality result — this feature is quite common in cameras, and can help those users who are not very confident with the manual photo capture mode.

There's also a selfie mode, which optimizes photos taken with the lens facing the user by simply pulling the front end of the lens out a few millimeters. A mirror positioned to the left of the lens allows framing to be always correct, even without using a forward-facing display.

price and availability

Selfies can be framed through a mirror on the left side of the lens (Image: Handout/Fujifilm)

The product went on sale this Friday (14), through Fujifilm's official website. The Instax Mini 11 BTS Butter version has a suggested price of BRL 799 — that is, BRL 350 more compared to the standard model, which costs BRL 449. A BTS Butter film combo with 30 photos costs BRL 158 .70.

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