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Sleep at school Science proves why classes should start later

After analyzing the sleep of teenagers throughout the pandemic, Swiss scientists suggest that school should start activities at least 75 minutes later. Their findings were reported in a study published last Wednesday (5) in the JAMA Network Open.

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The study conducted by the University of Zurich (Switzerland) points out that teenagers slept 75 minutes more during the beginning of the covid-19 pandemic, due to the rise of virtual classes. According to the article, this better sleep yielded better quality of life, and the consumption of alcohol and caffeine decreased during this period.

To reach this conclusion, the group of scientists conducted an online survey of more than 3,600 high school students in the Zurich region. On the form, there were questions about sleep habits and other behavioral characteristics. The results were compared with a survey conducted in 2017 with more than 5,300 students.

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Study analyzes teenagers' sleep and points out that school should start later (Image: seventyfourimages/envato)

Comparing the two groups, the scientists noticed that teenagers who woke up later because of the pandemic had improvements in certain aspects of health and behavior. On the other hand, this group was more lonely and sad, factors that can be associated with the negative impacts of isolation.

"Our findings indicate the benefit of starting school later in the morning so that young people can get more sleep. Closing schools has allowed students to better align their sleep schedules," the researchers argue.

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