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Kenzie Academy has 10,000 spots for free programming marathon

For those who want to learn to program, the Kenzie Academy Brasil programming school promotes this Saturday (15), from 2 pm to 8 pm, the “V Marathon from Zero to Code”. The proposal is to teach programming to interested parties from all regions of the country.

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The school will offer 10,000 places for the course. During the six hours of class, participants will learn HTML, CSS and JavaScript — which are among the main programming languages used today. During the activity, students will have access to Kenzie's teaching team.

In addition, students will develop a practical project to reproduce the interface of the largest video platform in the world. Once completed, the work can be used by the student as a professional portfolio.

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Course will teach programming for free (Image: Reproduction/Unsplash/Shahadat Rahman)

Registration is open at this link . Daniel Kriger, CEO of Kenzie Academy Brazil, says that the marathon is an opportunity for those who want to learn a new profession in 2022. “Our instructors will bring a lot of knowledge about HTML, CSS and JavaScript to those who follow the live.”

The school's focus is hands-on learning. There, the student can learn the main programming languages on the market to become a full stack programmer (including soft skills). According to the company's business model, the student only pays the course tuition after he/she is employed with a minimum monthly salary of R$3,000.

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