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4 websites with link generator for WhatsApp

A WhatsApp link generator can make it easy to start new conversations through the app. Sites with this tool create a shortcut link to your cell phone number, starting a new conversation in the app.

  • How to create a link to WhatsApp
  • How to send WhatsApp message to someone you are not in contact with

This shareable link is a very interesting way to increase your contact with customers and people interested in your services. In addition to streamlining the process of starting a conversation, without the need to add your numbers to contacts, the link can be easily added to a website or social media profile.

Several websites offer a free WhatsApp link generator. Just enter your cell phone number and an optional message, sent automatically by the person initiating a conversation via the address. Check options!

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1. Canmore

  • Compatibility: Web
  • Price: free

Canmore's WhatsApp Link Generator is a simple and practical tool. You just need to fill in the fields with the cell phone number and message to create a shareable address.

Canmore brings a simple WhatsApp link generator (Screenshot: André Magalhães)

The platform does not include any limits for creating links and does not require the creation of an account to use the tool. The site can be accessed by computer or cell phone and, after generating the link, includes a button to copy it to the clipboard.

2. Cloudshop

  • Compatibility: Web
  • Price: free

The Cloudshop platform, with different solutions for physical and virtual stores, provides a free link generator for WhatsApp. However, to use it for the first time, it is necessary to inform name and e-mail address.

Cloudshop WhatsApp link generator also creates a shareable QR Code (Screenshot: André Magalhães)

In addition to generating the shareable link, the Nuvemshop website also allows you to save a QR Code that gives access to this address. In this way, it is possible to expand the options for accessing a direct conversation with your number on WhatsApp.

3. Invertext

  • Compatibility: Web
  • Price: free

Invertexto is a very versatile site: it has tools to organize texts, carry out sweepstakes, convert measurements, among other options. It also includes a WhatsApp link generator that works similarly to the previous alternatives.

Link generator for WhatsApp is one of the site's tools (Screenshot: André Magalhães)

With a simple interface, it includes fields to enter the number, optional message and generate the link. There is also a “Start conversation” button, which allows you to test the operation of the generated address for WhatsApp.


  • Compatibility: Web
  • Price: free

Finally, you can create your own link manually by WhatsApp API base address. Other sites with link generators include features that can make your job easier, such as the presence of optional text or the QR Code, but you can skip these steps.

Enter your number in the WhatsApp tool itself (Screenshot: André Magalhães)

In this case, just add your cell phone number, with area code and area code, after the address (for example: ). It is recommended that you test the link before sending it to others.

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