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Panic | What is the best movie in the franchise

Scream had a big impact when it premiered in 1996 not only because it was Wes Craven's “new” film, but because it managed to create a horror whose ending was completely unpredictable by the standards of the genre at the time. The resounding success of the fake movie The Stab (Stab) shown from Scream 2 is a real reflection of how successful was the franchise, who spoke with the public in a way that (very) rarely see.

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Since then, the franchise has had three sequels in 1997, 2000, 2011; now, the fifth chapter has hit theaters. But what's the best Panic released so far? Well, that depends. The best to watch for the first time, of course, is the first. The best in terms of revolutionizing cinema is also obvious, since the franchise's debut dictated the malleable formula that is repeated in the other films.

Core cast of the first Scream (Image: Reproduction/Dimension Films)

It is difficult to qualitatively order a franchise as well thought out as Ghostface's, and it would be possible to say that the qualitative order coincides with the order of premiere, because the complexity of the films increases with each production by the incredible accumulation of teachings. However, it is undeniable that the films have undergone the tests of time and, today, some things are already starting to seem out of tune.

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With that in mind, we organized the list thinking about which films sound best for the contemporary, current audience, which is precisely the one that is about to witness the premiere of the first film in the franchise that will not be directed by the master Wes Craven. But before you think we're causing controversy, remember: the opinions expressed here should serve to reflect and expand discussions about the film. If you disagree with the proposed order, take advantage of the comments space to make your own ranking and say which is the best Panic according to your experiences. After all, the series is also about having fun, knowing and reflecting… about terror.

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Heads up! From here, the text contains several spoilers of the Panic franchise.

4. Panic

Yes, this is the most iconic, the original. But there are already several things that have become "out of fashion" and, today, it is not so difficult to get the ending right, although the script remains excellent. If you know this is a horror franchise and about horror, you can pick up the clues from the beginning, something that didn't happen when the movie came out and took everyone by surprise.

The first Scream (1996) is also a huge compliment to horror. Even though villains are villains and we root for their deaths, they help us understand the passion for the genre. Luckily for fans, the real horror nerd isn't the killer, and it becomes one of the most important pieces in understanding the "rules of terror" that guide murder.

Despite being incredible and brilliant to this day, Scream is getting smaller and smaller over the years, because each chapter expands the franchise in a way never (?) seen. Following the cycle in which art imitates life and life imitates art and so on, Panic ends up becoming the film furthest away from contemporary audiences, making the production a bit comical and even a bit trashy for the eyes of the fans who are arriving. now. But before you think about cursing the first movie, listen to the fourth warning. The beginning is just the beginning, proving that the original is not always the best, even if it has won respect.

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3. Panic 2

Although the list has been in chronological order, Scream 2 (1997) is only in third place because the third film took a super significant step forward in the franchise. A very important step that makes the title deserve second place. The sequel to the original is also the darkest movie ever, critically questioning the consequences of horror and popularizing a myth (apparently) unintentionally.

The first film was a rage, and indeed, blood and murder became commerce and hype , with Scream becoming a true pop phenomenon. But this is nothing new and many movies have done this before. Even so, Scream has become a target and the second film delves deep into self-criticism. In the end, however, the killer of the time is passionate and the film specialist dies quite quickly, losing a little bit of the “essence” of a killer who is a horror nerd, although, at the same time, he delivered a beautiful tribute to Sexta thursday 13 .

2. Panic 3

Scream blew minds with the unpredictable ending and discreet introduction of metalanguage, while the second film delved into the last element and incorporated the film based on the story of the first film, the faux-Scream called The Stab (“Stab”). ). Scream 3 (2000) goes much deeper into the slasher's roots and begins to provide new elements to the franchise, influenced by the father of this American subgenre, the Italian giallo.

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In the third film, the metalanguage gets much more intense with a film within a film and, here, Scream manages to explore the criticism and praise of the success of Saw , the gore and half trash son of Wes Craven's franchise. The fourth is the title that takes the first from the position of absolutely original in a chain and places it in the middle of a web that reveals the workings of art and, perhaps, of life itself: a beautiful “deal with it” played with great elegance. in our face. This is also a film that teaches us a lot about the history of the slasher , mixing productions from the present, the past and the future in a brilliant and not anachronistic way.

1. Panic 4

The first three films have many laughable moments and you can question them in the same way he analyzes his own time. Panic is, with each new story, simultaneously a symptom and a provocation, making it easier to understand why Panic 4 (2011), the most recent, is the one that most dialogues with us. This was the chapter where the production freed up money for the art department to finally spend on vats of blood, a huge draw even 11 years later.

Scream 4 marks the trend towards a more realistic horror and, with that, the violence gets much heavier and gets closer to the great contemporary slashers. Metalanguage does not get out of hand, because it makes sense, but it reaches levels of complexity that demand the attention (and knowledge) of the spectator, which we give easily and willingly. If in the first film, knowledge of the genre helped him determine the killer and who was the next to die, in the fourth film, knowledge turns against the viewer and is used to confuse us, explaining that a remake or a reboot can be everything, as long as you don't mess with the original.

In view of everything we've thought so far, we can elect Scream 4 as the best in the franchise for giving an exceptional closure in the hands of Wes Craven, perfectly closing an arc and wrapping the franchise to gift the next filmmaker, who will carry the responsibility on his shoulders. to expand this encyclopedia of terror.

And Scream 5?

Of course, we can compare the fifth film with the four previous ones, but we need to be aware: it is likely that a new cycle will begin, despite the return of the surviving central characters. We can think this simply because the franchise is no longer in Craven's hands. The fourth film was the closing of a philosophical manual and a warning. The fifth film will be directed by filmmaking duo Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett, who helmed Bloody Wedding . New directors, new ideas. A new terror, a new phase. Let's be reasonable.

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