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Microsoft Announces Technologies to Empower Frontline Workers

New Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Viva features designed to serve frontline workers have just been announced by Microsoft . Worldwide, there are 2 billion frontline workers. They represent 80% of the global workforce.

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Digital tools help modernize workflows, improve performance, and enhance culture and communication. As of March 2020, the Microsoft Teams collaboration platform has seen 400% growth in monthly active usage among frontline professionals.

According to the Special Report of the Labor Trends Index, released by Microsoft this Wednesday (12), some aspects affect almost all segments of the workforce. Follow up!

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  • Culture of care: 76% of employees feel connected to each other, but more than 60% say their company should better prioritize culture and communication. In addition, 51% of those who do not occupy a management position do not feel valued.
  • Technology Optimism: 63% of frontline workers are excited about the job opportunities technology creates. It already ranks third on the list of factors that professionals say can help reduce workplace stress.
  • Opportunities: 46% of frontline workers feel pressure to adapt to new technologies or fear losing their jobs. In addition, 55% had to learn new technologies without formal training or practice.

To support these teams, one of Microsoft's novelties is a partnership with Zebra Technologies Corp., which has software and hardware solutions. The companies created the Teams Walkie Talkie app, which can be used on Zebra mobile computers. In addition, Teams Walkie Talkie digital PTT is now available for all iOS and Android mobile devices.

Teams also offers scheduled queues for virtual appointments, with real-time updates on wait times, missed appointments and the employee recruitment process. In the Viva Connections app in Microsoft Teams, employees are linked to company culture, resources and tools, as well as news and resources.

Teams launches resources for frontline professionals (Image: Handout/Microsoft)

Another new feature is the Viva Learning app, which now allows sharing and tracking of learning content directly from Microsoft Teams. With the updates, it has become easier to attribute learning by partner solutions.

For IT, improved device management is available. With it, you can ensure that misplaced shared devices are more easily located and secured.

Emma Williams, corporate vice president at Microsoft, recalls that the pandemic is reshaping work at a rapid pace. “Empowering frontline employees is essential for digital transformation,” he says.

According to her, these tools allow them to stay connected to the company's team and leadership, while focusing on the customer or work. “Technology can modernize workflows and improve performance while improving culture and communication.”

Resources for retail

Starting February 1, Microsoft Cloud for Retail will be generally available. The solution accelerates business growth by providing features that integrate with retailers' existing systems.

For starters, it unifies disparate data sources across the buyer's journey and allows for a holistic view of the customer. Plus, it has artificial intelligence to help retailers understand and elevate the consumer shopping experience.

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