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Cheaper than bitcoin and 50 times more profitable: discover the 'microcoins' cryptocurrencies

Cheaper than bitcoin and 50 times more profitable: get to know the 'microcoins' cryptocurrencies

Forget Bitcoin: Newly-Launched Crypto Projects That Cost Pennies Now Have The Potential To Make The Bakery's Changes Appreciate Up To 50x

When we are talking about the financial market, whoever comes out ahead is usually rewarded. For example, just think about those who invested in bitcoin 10 years ago, when the cryptocurrency was still unknown and cost a mere US$0.003 (or R$0.0017). Those who saw potential in the still embryonic project at the time, accumulated about 220,000,000% profit between 2010 and 2020.

That is, a small investment was enough for some people to accumulate millionaire amounts in their bank account years later. An investment of less than 100 reais in bitcoin in 2010 would make a new millionaire .

Unfortunately, today this would not be possible. After all, BTC has become the world's leading cryptocurrency, with a market capitalization of over $1 trillion . And, in addition to becoming too big, bitcoin is also no longer a novelty. On the contrary, it is an asset that is extremely well-known around the world.

But the good news is that, in case you haven't surfed the bitcoin appreciation over the past few years, we currently have over 8,000 crypto assets available to invest in , plus new projects popping up every day. And I must be honest: most of them are more profitable than bitcoin itself.

And all this becomes even more interesting if we think that there are projects still in embryonic stages, which have not even been made available on major exchanges (cryptocurrency brokers), with extremely advantageous and asymmetric returns .

I am talking here about projects that are emerging now and, in very short spaces of time, are delivering value never seen before by the cryptomarket, leaving bitcoin “in the dust”. In 2021, we had one of these cases. You may remember what the phenomenon known as 'AXS' was.

Axie Infinity game governance gamecoin skyrocketed over 20,000% between January and November 2021 . This means multiplying by 200 times the money invested in a mere 11 months. Or, at the tip of a pencil, transform R$1,000 into more than R$200,000 .

In this case, to reach 1 million, an investment of R$ 5,000 would be enough. But most impressively, AXS wasn't the only one.

The Sandbox game has seen the price of its cryptocurrency skyrocket by 13,770% in a mere three months . That's right, in a very short period of time, you could have turned R$100 into an impressive R$13,870. Want one more example?

The SPELL token took off 12,250% between August and November 2021, once again showing investors that newly created projects can deliver very expressive valuations in a very short time.

Undoubtedly, these are much more interesting returns than investing in bitcoin, which in 12 months appreciated by only 44% between January and December 2021. However, this is still nothing close to what some embryonic cryptoassets can offer.

I say this because the assets I mentioned above had these valuations after they were listed on major brokerages and became known to major investors. I don't want to discourage you, but the profits could have been much greater if you had captured the above opportunities before most.

Imagine if you had invested in AXS, for example, before it was even listed on Binance? When she was still pennies on the dollar and no one knew her. This opportunity has unfortunately passed, but now you will have the chance to do the same with other cryptocurrencies.

This move caused embryonic cryptocurrencies that cost pennies to appreciate more than 3,000% in 1 month.

For the cryptocurrency analysis department of the country’s largest independent financial analysis house, Empiricus, there are embryonic cryptocurrencies , dubbed “microcoins”, with much more brutal profit potential than those cited above.

These are coins that are still in their early stages, that have just been created and that have not yet been listed on major exchanges. They are only available on decentralized exchanges, worth a few cents and are still totally unknown, far from the “sharks” of the financial market.

And this creates the ideal scenario for investing. After all, we are talking about the possibility of picking up new and disruptive technologies right from the start and, from a very low investment, having the opportunity to profit thousands (and maybe even millions) of reais, as well as those who invested in bitcoin in 2010.

The optimism of the cryptocurrency analysis department is due to the positive retrospect seen in recent months. Analyzing small cryptocurrencies recently listed on large exchanges, it was noticed that a move can cause exponential valuations suddenly.

Those who anticipated the “event” were able to capture returns of up to 3,965% in just one month, as you can see in the chart below:

Criptomoeda embrionária valorizou 3.965% após ser listada na CoinBase. Imagem: CoinMarketCap

To facilitate access to these promising cryptocurrencies, making sure that no one is left out of upcoming profit opportunities, the cryptocurrency analytics department has brought together in-house crypto experts for an extraordinary recruiting meeting.

In the totally online and free meeting , Vinícius Bazan, Lucca Benedetti and Valter Rebelo, the main cryptocurrency analysts of the house, will summon investors interested in having access to cryptobets in which they see potential to transform an investment of R$ 1 thousand into R$ 50 thousand. in the next 12 months.

“The cryptocurrencies with the highest appreciation potential in the world are not even listed on major exchanges yet. But today you can have the opportunity to buy them before everyone else” – Vinícius Bazan

This event has never been done before by the review house. However, analysts saw a small and unique chance to leverage cryptocurrency gains by investing in very small projects that have not yet come to the attention of most investors.

According to analysts' calculations and projections, microcoins have everything they need to multiply at least 50 times in the next 12 months . This means that every BRL 1,000 invested in these currencies today can become R$ 50 thousand .

Whether they are right or not, we will know in the medium to long term. However, considering the consistent track record of 3,562% in Bazan's recommended wallet, in addition to 2,721% in Valter's wallet, over the last 5 years, I wouldn't miss the opportunity to know what these microcoins are if I were you.

Especially because, when we are talking about embryonic and tiny projects like microcoins, 50 times is a conservative position close to what they can deliver in such short periods of time, as you yourself have seen.


The last time an alert like this was given, BRL 5,000 turned into BRL 1 million

If you are concerned about the potential of Empiricus’ cryptocurrency analysis department’s recommendations, know that they were pioneers in recommending the purchase of AXS cryptocurrency, mentioned at the beginning of this report, to investors:

“An alert like this has been made before, We recommend buying the AXS cryptocurrency, warning that it could multiply up to 10 times in the short term”

But just as the analysts' view is now being conservative, they were also cautious in recommending the purchase of AXS. And 11 months later, they were positively surprised to learn that crypto had multiplied 28 times .

Whoever invested R$ 5 thousand at that time became a millionaire in less than a year . The crypto was recommended in a context where it had already been listed on well-known exchanges but had yet to be discovered by major investors.

In other words, the department not only located a beautiful opportunity for profit, but also hit the right timing to invest, making its investors enter before the feared “sharks”. After all, once they enter, the uptrend is inescapable.

Of course, as you already know, all this has passed. And, as you may already know, past earnings are no guarantee for future returns. But what I want you to notice here is the department has a high level of assertiveness and now has new bets on the radar:


The new buy alert is done: these are the cryptocurrencies that could create a generation of millionaires in 2022

Many will be afraid and will be left out of this opportunity. And I understand perfectly. After all, as stated at the beginning of this text, few people decide to be pioneers in some type of investment. However, these are often the biggest beneficiaries. Remember: whoever invested in bitcoin when it still cost cents, today is potentially a millionaire.

Whichever you choose, know that just by reading this far, you are already standing out from the majority of investors, having access to the new investment thesis of analysts who, in recent years, have captured extraordinary profits and made ordinary people become millionaires.

But just knowing that cryptocurrencies “microcoins” are the next bets by analysts in the Empiricus department doesn’t do much good. It is necessary to take action. Knowing this and doing nothing will only cause you frustration and regret for months and years to come.

After all, you could be part of who knows a new generation of millionaires, which will form from 2022, if these cryptocurrencies really multiply by 50 times.

Think with me: you can take the change that is in your wallet right now, those pennies from the bottom of your pocket that are usually not used, and use them to follow the recommendations that analysts will give from of this recruitment meeting , on January 24 at 7pm.

A little money in the right assets has already been able to make people change their financial level. Therefore, I emphasize: we are talking about small cryptocurrencies, which are worth pennies, and that you can invest an amount that you will not even need in the future.

If you lose, it won't hurt your equity. But, if by any chance these cryptocurrencies take off, you will have accumulated a heritage that you could not even imagine. That's why I ask you to register and reserve your spot. to the meeting.

By clicking here , you will know all the details about the microcoins that are in the crosshairs of the Empiricus crypto analysis department. And you will know why it is so important to position yourself in them before they fall to the big brokers.

I bet that after the 12 months of analyst planning, you will come back to thank me for convincing you to sign up for this meeting and having access to these crypto bets still “hidden” from the general public.

So, click the button below and reserve your spot to learn about the microcoins that can turn R$1,000 invested into R$50,000 in the coming months . And don't worry, no penny will be charged for you to participate in the event:


Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only and does not constitute investment advice or an offer to invest. The CriptoFácil is not responsible for any content, products or services mentioned in this article.

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