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Canon teaches how to ignore non-genuine toner warning due to chip crisis

The semiconductor crisis that has affected companies in several areas for a few months has brought another curious fact recently. Canon has created an article on its official website that teaches users of its printers to "circumvent" the system it has created to guarantee the authenticity of cartridges sold by the company.

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Situation affects users of imageRUNNER line printers (Image: Publicity/Canon)

The situation involves printers that are part of the imageRUNNER line. These products usually work only with toners that have specific internal chips, which communicate with the printer and inform the charge levels present in the cartridges. Therefore, if the products do not have this guarantee of legitimacy, the printer system will inform you that the load is full or empty, with no middle ground.

However, with the worsening of the semiconductor crisis, Canon was forced to make available cartridges without these chips, which are therefore recognized as fake, even if they are not necessarily. The brand said that "in order to provide a reliable supply of consumables [i.e. cartridges], we have decided to offer the consumables without semiconductors so that normal supply can resume."

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In doing so, Canon's instructions also serve as a way to use non-genuine cartridges, even if it is potentially harmful to the brand — and the products — in the future. Despite being an unnatural situation for the company, the process to "cheat" the system is quite simple: when the printer detects the component without a chip, it will show an alert explaining the system — just select the "agree" option, " close" or "OK", depending on the model.

Canon's solution is quite simple: just select "accepted" (Image: Publicity/Canon)

As with non-genuine cartridges, the printer will only show toner levels as full or empty. Therefore, it is not possible to know exactly when the charge will end, which can be quite inconvenient if it happens in the middle of a print. Canon does not cite this issue, but has officially explained that "there are no negative effects when printing with non-chip components, but some additional functions, such as detecting toner levels, may be impaired."

The company also did not set a date for the cartridges to bring back chips, which would normalize the situation.

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