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The Batman │ Warner sees no need for delay, but monitors Omicron

Despite the increase in the numbers of covid-19 cases worldwide and the fear of new restrictive measures caused by the advancement of the omicron variant, Warner says it still sees no need to delay the release of Batman . The hero's new feature hits theaters in early March and, according to the studio, there are no plans to delay it once again – but it continues to monitor the situation.

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According to WarnerMedia CEO Jason Kilar, the company is aware of the situation involving the new variant of the coronavirus and the increases in cases around the planet – so much so that it is monitoring the situation closely. Still, in an interview with Puck, the executive said he was confident about the current date.

The long-awaited meeting between Batman and Catwoman could be delayed because of the advancement of the Omicron variant (Image: Reproduction/Warner Bros)

However, this does not mean that postponement is ruled out. In Kilar's own words, the studio tracks the evolution of the pandemic day by day, which means Batman could get a new date depending on how the disease situation evolves around the world as launch approaches.

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Only last Monday (10), the United States recorded almost 1.5 million cases of covid-19, a record in these almost two years of pandemic. And these superlative numbers have been repeated throughout the first few days of 2022, showing that the omicron variant has been advancing strongly. And while this growth is not accompanied by an increase in the number of deaths, the situation is considered worrying .

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Not by chance, other studios have already started to mess with their schedules. Sony , for example, pushed back Morbius from January to March 31. In addition, Disney announced last week that the animation from Pixar Red: Growing Up is a Beast will be released exclusively on streaming precisely because of the concern about covid-19.

In the case of Batman , Warner's hope is precisely in the fact that the feature is planned to hit theaters in early March, that is, there is an expectation that the numbers of the omicron will decrease over the next few weeks to the point that the premieres on March 3 to be considered safe.

If that doesn't happen, though, the company will have to mess not just with Batman, but its entire Herpoi timeline, generating a domino effect that should also affect Black Adam , Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, and The Flash .

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