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Logan Honors Captain America and Iron Man's Legacy in Dark Future

In a dystopian future of the Marvel Universe, where villains have taken over the US, the mantle of Captain America and Iron Man were worn by the same man, who fought for the country's liberation: Logan, the mutant known as Wolverine.

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These events are part of the plot of The Old Man Logan , 2009 story that shows a post-apocalyptic future where Logan, after a traumatic event that resulted in him murdering all the X-Men, the mutant wants to get away from the hero life as much as possible. that once took – a decision represented by the fact that he hasn't used his claws in 50 years.

But when an aging Clint Barton, Hawkeye, hires Logan to be his chauffeur on a cross-country trip with the ultimate goal of assassinating President Red Skull, the mutant begins to recover and come to believe in the role of heroes in society.

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Near the climax of the plot, Hawkeye is betrayed by one of his informants and ends up being murdered. Logan, who was with him, is also shot several times, but his healing factor prevents his death – something that is not noticed by the bandits, who take the mutant's "body" to the Red Skull's base of operations.

Inside the base, Logan thinks about Clint and everything that is happening in that dystopian world and decides to go back to being a hero. Exploring the place, he finds the villain's trophy room, with various items used by Marvel champions in life, such as Captain America's shield.

These events lead us to Wolverine #72 , published in June 2009, Logan, using Steve Rogers' shield, fights the Red Skull, and decapitates the villain using the artifact. Shortly afterward, when forces commanded by Captain America's late tormentor appear to kill Wolverine, the mutant uses an old set of Iron Man armor to destroy the base.

The moments where Logan uses the weapons of heroes. (Image: Reproduction/Marvel Comics)

Although after that moment Logan no longer uses either Iron Man's armor or Captain America's shield, the way he used them to end the Red Skull's dark rule certainly honored both heroes, as well as resurrecting heroism in the past. mutant that before, was broken.

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Even after that event, Old Man Logan's story did not end happily for the mutant. However, in that small moment where he uses symbols of the past to fight the dark future is still iconic and powerful.

Curious about the story It is available in a binder at the Panini Store , as well as being one of the main inspirations for the 2017 film Logan.

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