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E-commerce startup handled BRL 5.8 million in purchases on Black Friday

Helpvend made good use of the last Black Friday. According to a report by Exame magazine, the Brazilian startup that digitizes fashion brands and other segments brokered 90,000 orders in November — an average of 125 per hour — and BRL 5.8 million in purchases. In a normal month, it moves R$ 4 million.

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Founded in January 2020 in São Paulo, the company already serves more than 70 brands and more than 500,000 consumers. Its objective is to help shopkeepers gain space and earn money in the largest marketplaces in the country, such as Amazon, Magalu, Dafiti, Shopee and Netshoes. Helpvend manages all the e-commerce , from registering items to customer service, with the exception of invoices and product shipping.

Like many services in the e-commerce chain, the company does not charge monthly fees or fees; only collects 10% of the value of each piece sold. This percentage decreases as the volume of purchases increases.

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(Image: PhotoMIX Company/Pexels)

Renan Andrade and Nathália Gimenez had twelve years of experience in their own clothing and decided to create Helpvend after digitizing the Compre Jeans store, in Capivari (SP), before the pandemic. “It was our first client, who showed us that there is a huge market for us to explore”, Andrade recalled to Exame.

The startup created its own platform to track the sale of its customers across all channels in real time. It plans to develop new technologies to boost the business of the brands in its client portfolio. For this year, the goal is to reach R_jobs(data.conteudo)nbsp;10 million handled per month and triple the amount invested in attracting new customers.

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