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Uber Flash and Flash Moto now require PIN to complete deliveries

Starting this Monday (10), Uber Flash and Uber Flash Moto deliveries will have a PIN code to confirm the identity of the recipient. The tool arrives to avoid mistakes and theft at the time of delivery and "bring more technology" to the service, according to the company.

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Once the driver arrives at the delivery location, he will need to ask for the customer's PIN and fill it in the app to finish the ride. If the code matches, both the user's identity is confirmed and Uber guarantees that the package was, in fact, delivered.

Confirmation of identity via PIN will be informed to the user at the time of the delivery request (Image: Reproduction/Uber)

When requesting a delivery, the user will be informed about the PIN code charge to complete the service. In this way, the application prevents consumers from forgetting their cell phone to check.

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Function helps prevent theft

This solution is particularly interesting to prevent packet theft by fake recipients or malicious drivers. If the code is not filled in correctly, the race cannot be completed and the customer will be able to prove that he did not receive the product more easily.

The rules for the service remain the same: Uber Flash can transport objects up to 20 kg, while Flash Moto takes up to 10 kg of small items. The delivery of products with a value greater than R$500 is not allowed, nor the sending of content prohibited by law.

To avoid problems with the application, it is good to check that it is in the latest version available for download. To check, check for pending downloads on the Play Store or App Store .

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