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CES 2022 | LG launches electric motor with battery-saving software

Magna, a company specializing in car supplements that belongs to LG , has launched an electric motor called EtelligentForce, which divides the battery's power between the two axles of the vehicle and allows an increase of up to 30% in autonomy.

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According to Magna, this powertrain was designed for light and heavy commercial vehicles, but can also be used in passenger cars. On the front axle, the technology used is eDrive, which produces 244hp, while on the rear axle the system is the eBeam, with peak energy between 300 and 600hp, depending on what the automaker needs.

"EtelligentForce comes at a crucial time — particularly in the North American auto industry, where pickup trucks are at the height of popularity and are one of the last segments to go all-electric. The beauty of this powerful electric motor system is that it offers the environmental benefits of an electric power train while maintaining the capacity and utility of conventional trucks up to 1 ton," said Tom Rucker, president of Magna, in a statement.

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Magna's software is capable of changing the operational need for force without the need for physical changes to the vehicle's axles. According to the company, this engine model is useful for the transition of pickup trucks and other vehicles from combustion to electric mode.

Graph shows division of motors by axis. Magna system divides energy and guarantees more autonomy (Image: Disclosure/Magna)

During CES 2022, Magna demonstrated that its EtelligentForce can be installed, for example, in a Jaguar i-Pace SUV, such is the versatility of the system. The company has confirmed that it is working on launching an electric car of its own by 2025, but there is behind-the-scenes information that it could work with Fisker, the famous US zero-emission car maker.

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