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How to use Google Assistant to find your iPhone

As of an April 2021 update, Google allows all of its Google Assistant devices, meaning the entire Google Home line, such as the Nest Mini, Nest Audio Smart, Nest Hub, Next Hub Max, and others, to be able to help you find your lost iPhone, as long as it is at home, connected to the local Wi-Fi network.

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To do this, you just ask your Google Assistant device: "Ok Google, find my phone". A loud sound different from typical iOS ringtones will sound even if your iPhone is in Silent Mode. However, for this to work, a function must be properly activated in your iPhone's Google Home app settings.

Understand below how to enable this function and use your Google Assistant device to find your lost iPhone at home:

  1. Open the Google Home app on your iPhone and go to "Settings";
  2. On the settings screen, enter "Notifications" from the features section;
  3. On the next screen, enter "General Notifications";
  4. Among the options on the screen, activate the "Critical Alerts" function. And ready! Now, when you can't find your iPhone at home, just ask your Google Assistant to locate it for you.
Use Google Assistant to locate your lost iPhone (Screenshot: Lucas Wetten)

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