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Goldfish drives motor car in new experiment; see video

Science often gives us eccentric and particularly memorable moments, like the time a neuroscientist trained rodents to play Doom . In a new experiment, which follows an article published in the journal Behavioral Brain Research, a goldfish appeared driving a motorized "car" filled with water.

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The study was conducted at Ben-Gurion University (Israel), under the premise of understanding the ability of goldfish to drive under stimuli. The vehicle has a water tank, and follows the direction the fish wants. For example: if the animal swims to the right, the "car" goes to the right too.

In the experiment, scientists placed a pink target in the direction the fish should go. To encourage people to go in the direction they should, the researchers gave food as a form of reward. In video, it is possible to better understand what we are talking about:

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The study counted, in all, with the participation of six golden fish, the famous Japanese, or kinguio. According to the researchers, the fish's movements were initially random and erratic, but over time, under training, these movements became calmer and more deliberate.

After a few days, the cars stopped randomly wandering around the room and started firing straight at the pink target, suggesting that the goldfish can learn to navigate in completely unfamiliar surroundings. For the future, scientists aim to discover if fish can navigate longer routes, in less planned situations.

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