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Enchantment | 6 easter eggs you probably haven't seen

The Walt Disney Company fan is already well used to hunting easter eggs in all the studio's animated releases. It is practically a tradition of the Walt Disney Company (which started at Pixar, by the way) to put elements that refer to other films in new projects. And with Encanto , it's no different: as soon as the movie hit Disney+ in December, the lynx eyes of fans were already running to jot down any and all references that appeared on the screen.

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With that in mind, A Market Analysis listed 6 easter eggs that Encanto has and that mention other studio films. Check out the selection below and then let us know if you managed to get them all, agreed?

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6. Luisa fights a Cerberus, just like Hercules

Easter Egg of Hercules in Charm (Image: Reproduction / Walt Disney Animation)

While Luisa sings Under the Surface ( I'm Nervosa , in the Portuguese version), one of the images she imagines to show Mirabel how she's always taking care of all the problems is a fight with a Cerbero ( Cerberus ), a three-headed dog from mythology Greek.

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Perhaps one of the most obvious easter eggs , but Cerberos first appears in a Disney movie in the animation Hercules , in 1997, when the story's hero himself fought with the creature that protected Hades.

Representation of Cerberus in Hercules, 1997 (Image: Reproduction / Walt Disney Animation)

In addition, Luisa even uses a sword and shield very similar to Hercules in the scene.

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5. The Doors of Monsters SA

The Doors of Monsters SA in Enchantment (Image: Playback / Walt Disney Animation)

Still talking about the Under the Surface performance, Encanto's animators saw the opportunity to put yet another easter egg on the scene: it's the iconic doors of Monstros SA , a 2001 feature film by Pixar.

With the characteristic colors of the animation, Luisa here appears pushing a row of doors like a domino. In Encanto , the doors are used to symbolize the powers of each member of the Madrigal family, and here the producers took the opportunity to establish a connection with the other film, which also has doors as a very important element of the narrative: the passage to the human world .

4. The boot with the Wall-e plant

Reference for Wall-e in Enchantment (Image: Playback / Walt Disney Animation)

When we meet Uncle Bruno, we accompany Mirabel in a hiding place of the character, within the walls of the magical house of the Madrigal family. In this space, we found that the character keeps some things with him, but some details may even go unnoticed by the spectators: one of them is a boot with a plant inside, exactly the same as we saw in Wall-e , animation by Pixar from 2008.

Moment when Wall-e shows the plant in his boot to Eve (Image: Reproduction / Pixar)

In the film, Wall-e and Eve must take the plant to Axiom, a spaceship that has been harboring humans for 700 years, as a way to prove that there is still life on Earth. Likewise, Mirabel finds Bruno and signals that it's time for him to return home.

3. Mickey portrait

Mickey dressed as a Sorcerer, as in Fantasia, in Bruno's room (Image: Playback / Walt Disney Animation)

Still in Bruno's room, moments before the topic above, we can also see a portrait of Mickey hanging on the wall. The image, however, is not just any one: it is Mickey dressed as a sorcerer, as in Fantasia 2000 .

In addition, the production of Encanto placed the image of Mickey twice more in the film: during the fireworks while Mirabel sings Waiting on a Miracle and also in another scene, in which we see Isabela create a cactus in the same format as Mickey.

2. Flit, by Pocahontas

Reference to Pocahontas in Encanto (Image: Playback / Walt Disney Animation)

During one of Bruno's visions (the scene in which Mirabel discovers that she would need to hug her sister, to be exact), we are in Antônio's room, the member of the Madrigal family who has a gift for talking to animals. Moments before Bruno has his vision, we see two nests of birds near the characters, in one of them, you can see one very similar to Flit, the hummingbird introduced in the 1995 movie Pocahontas.

Flit, the hummingbird of Pocahontas (Image: Playback / Walt Disney Animation)

The colors of Flit and the bird in Encanto are very similar, not to mention that the thin beak may well indicate that it is a hummingbird also in the 2021 animation.

1. Younger Coconut

Youngest Coco in Encanto (Image: Playback / Walt Disney Animation)

Just before Antônio's ceremony, we see some guests arriving at the Madrigal family home. All of them are welcomed by Camilo, the member who is capable of taking the form of any other living being he wants to.

We know that Encanto takes place in Colombia, while Viva – Life is a Party takes place in Mexico, however, here we can see a young Coco arriving at the occasion with exactly the same characterization as the 2017 film: long braids and a scarf covering the shoulders.

It wouldn't be the first time that Disney puts characters from other films meeting commitments from other stories. In 2013's Frozen , we can see Rapunzel and Flynn Ryder attending Princess Elsa's coronation ceremony.

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