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10 ideas for constructions in Minecraft

After some time playing Minecraft , the game can get a little repetitive and tedious. However, finding new activities and motivations helps make the game more fun. One of them is to make constructions that are very different from the ordinary, drawing inspiration from reality, fantasy and creativity.

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Whether you're creating new interiors or homes that you invented yourself, looking for different materials or even getting everything creative will guarantee good hours of gameplay. With that in mind, A Market Analysis has separated some tips and ideas for you to start making different constructions in Minecraft . See below:

Home Options


A “classic” and fun construction to make is that simple underwater hiding place. The process is relatively simple: just find a river or sea where you want to build it, dig from the surface or straight into the water, and open up internal space. For one of the exits, the best solution is to use a trapdoor, as it is not destroyed by water nor does it let it enter the place.

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On the tree

Here we have another fun construction that gives a Tarzan or Mogli tone. For the tree house, there are two paths to follow: first, you build a large tree with an internal structure; in the second option (the coolest one), you adapt the natural structures with other types of wood, creating a house that is more adapted to the existing place. Another nice tip is to build in the forest biome, as the trees there are thicker and taller.


Here at A Market Analysis we have already taught how to make mansions , but there are several other cool house styles from our real world that can be replicated in Minecraft. Simple houses, small buildings and other types of works are really cool to create within the block game. An interesting challenge is trying to replicate your own home, to imagine a little of what your life would be like in the game world.


The science fiction universe is full of striking features such as smooth and shiny surfaces, neon and well vertical (similar to buildings). To make futuristic-style constructions, colored glass blocks, iron blocks, carved stones and items that have a more technological look are indispensable.


In addition to sinking into the water, doing like an armadillo and living underground is something very unique and different to do in Minecraft . Generally speaking, you can create a place to hide out of sight, but you can also build a house with a glass roof that lets you watch the day go by.

furniture and decoration

Of course, houses also need to be beautiful inside and around, with different uses of items and blocks, to simulate different situations and objects. See some possibilities below that can make your constructions more creative.

Home appliances

The furnace is the object for cooking items. To give it a different aesthetic, just place an iron trapdoor to simulate the stove burners. Another possibility is to simulate a refrigerator with an iron door, a button and an ejector to throw food for you.

Stove and fridge in Minecraft (Image: Screenshot/A Market Analysis)


Minecraft has many fish and aquatic creatures. Many of them can be transported in a bucket and breathe new air into your home. If you're more megalomaniac, it's even interesting to make a giant natural aquarium, placing glass panels in a river to let the creatures there on display.

Natural aquarium in Minecraft (Image: Screenshot/A Market Analysis)


Regardless of the type of house, having a water source makes everything look different. Use stone blocks, platforms and other items to build a fountain that matches the style of your home.

Fountain made with stones, iron grid and water (Image: Screenshot/A Market Analysis)

Botanical Garden

If there's a big space, why not stuff it with flowers and plants? With shrubs from the trees and flowers found by the map, for example, you can have a nice green area inside or outside your house.

Garden with Plantation in Minecraft (Image: Screenshot/A Market Analysis)

With information from Minecraft Wiki .

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