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Gol is discontinued in Argentina and replaced by Polo Trend; It's in Brazil?

Volkswagen has been denying that it will take the Gol off the line in Brazil , but in Argentina, this has already happened. The automaker confirmed the end of the model line and even recommended the ideal replacement: the Polo.

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“Irreplaceable by nature, its departure opens the door so that everything you were looking for in a Gol can now be found in the Polo: a modern and safe vehicle, with 5 Latin NCAP stars , with high standards of quality, comfort and technology”, detailed the brand.

According to Volkswagen , the Gol spent three decades in the Argentine market and for 17 years held the first position among the best-selling cars in the country.

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How is Polo Trend?

Volkswagen's official website in Argentina detailed what the Polo Trend looks like, the version that will replace the best-selling Gol in the country. And the settings seem quite interesting to supply the absence of the darling of the market.

Polo settings are on the official website of Volkswagen in Argentina (Image: Disclosure/Volkswagen)

The Polo Trend will have a 1.6 MSI engine with 110 horsepower, two gearbox options (5-speed manual, or 6-speed tiptronic), LED headlights, a multifunctional steering wheel and the features that made the Gol be retired, such as stability.

The Polo Trend price in Argentina will be 2,258,000 pesos, equivalent to just over R$124,000 in Brazil. And speaking of Brazil, rumors about the arrival of the Polo Track, a possible replacement for the Gol here, continue without official confirmation from the automaker, at least for now.

Volkswagen Polo - 2022
Volkswagen Polo – 2022 (Disclosure/Volkswagen)
Volkswagen Polo - 2022
Volkswagen Polo – 2022 (Disclosure/Volkswagen)
Volkswagen Polo - 2022
Volkswagen Polo – 2022 (Disclosure/Volkswagen)
Volkswagen Polo - 2022
Volkswagen Polo – 2022 (Disclosure/Volkswagen)

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