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Future of X-Men in Comics May Include Conflicts with Thanos and the Eternals

With Jonathan Hickman handing over command of the corner of Marvel's X-Men comics to Kieron Gillen in 2022, perhaps the future of mutants is holding one of the biggest challenges of its nearly 60 years of publishing, involving both Mad Titan, Thanos, as the Eternals.

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The series that will continue the adventures of the X-Men after the end of Inferno , the final chapter of the Hickman phase, will be called Immortal X-Men . The magazine will feature screenplays by Kieron Gillen, who currently writes Eternals , the solo title of the Eternals, the publisher's newly introduced film heroes in the eponymous film.

Currently in the Eternals' solo title, the team of beings created by the Celestials are being led by the Mad Titan, Thanos. And considering that Immortal X-Men will focus on Krakoa's silent council, where Charles Xavier and other bigwigs in the mutant Marvel community try to find political solutions for their race's future, it's possible they'll end up coming into direct conflict with other beings and heroes .

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Immortal X-Men Cloak #1. (Image: Reproduction/Marvel Comics)

But leaving the speculation behind, we have the official synopsis of the new Mutants title, which comments that Krakoa and the resurrection technique employed by its inhabitants will go to war with those who have always ruled life and death—an apt description for the Eternals.

The adjective of the new series, Immortal, can be interpreted as a reference to another series that dealt with life, death and immortality recently at Marvel: Immortal Hulk , which over its 50 editions managed to show us a completely different approach to the existence of Cosmic Giant, even after Bruce Banner has been presumed dead so many times.

With the end of Hickman's era full of political intrigue and world-building, perhaps a classic conflict between teams of heroes is a good step to start a new phase of the X-Men. Of course, potentially involving Thanos, the situation could get far out of control, and perhaps start these new adventures with tragedies for the mutants.

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However, this is all speculation. We need to wait for the release of Immortal X-Men #1 in March to see what this new phase of Krakoa's heroes is really all about.

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