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Elon Musk forgot Bitcoin? Discover the 'off the radar' cryptocurrencies that captured the attention of Tesla founder; they have the potential to transform R$1,000 into R$50,000 in just one year

Elon Musk forgot Bitcoin? Discover the 'off the radar' cryptocurrencies that captured the attention of Tesla's founder; they have the potential to transform R$1,000 into R$50,000 in just one year

Disruptive and with great potential, these cryptocurrencies cost tiny cents on the dollar and can 'explode' in just a year; find out how you can expose yourself to potential profits from these assets before they get too big.

Perhaps the most famous of the billionaire cryptocurrency investors is the controversial Elon Musk , founder of Tesla and SpaceX . The entrepreneur is known for moving the price of digital assets with a simple tweet (which he often does just to "spice up" the discussions about crypto on the internet a little). But memes aside, you can't deny he's a visionary and knows how to make money. Therefore, the market is always attentive to your movements and investments.

After all, who wouldn't want to invest in what the billionaire is investing and have the chance to accumulate a few thousand or even millions in the checking account?

Of course, no one has access to Elon Musk's detailed allocation strategy, but that doesn't mean you can't figure out some of his bets. Through Twitter itself, the founder of Tesla has already given us a clue. In one of his posts, he warned: “Don't challenge DeFi”.

Tweet Elon Musk

But what is this DeFi guy? It is a “hidden” class of cryptoactives that has the potential to deliver huge profits over the next few years. I'll explain why.

DeFi stands for decentralized finances. The purpose of this segment is to do away with centralizing agents such as banks and financial institutions and give people more freedom to carry out negotiations and transactions. All this through the Blockchain, the technology that makes the existence of cryptocurrencies possible.

With DeFi, you can seamlessly transition between people themselves, with far less bureaucracy.

Decentralized finance is still in its infancy, but it is possible that they will bring significant changes to the economy and the financial market in the coming years. That's why Musk is right to advise: don't doubt this class of coins.

In the “cake” of DeFi coins, there are opportunities to transform an investment of one thousand reais into profits of around R$ 50 thousand . All this in just 12 months. It is this chance that I want to introduce you to in the next few paragraphs.

Why you should invest in DeFi and not Bitcoin

You might be wondering why DeFi crypto would be a good investment, given that they are still unknown and there are much more consolidated digital assets out there, like Bitcoin and Ether.

To explain, I'll use an analogy with stocks, which are much better known assets:

Vale (VALE3), one of the largest Brazilian companies and listed on B3, has approximately 345 billion reais in market value. In order for its shares to appreciate 100%, that is, to double the amount invested, it would need to reach $690 billion. Imagine how much money the market would have to make available for that to happen. What are the odds?

Now, a company with a low market value (so-called small or micro caps) has much greater potential. Assuming that a company listed on the stock exchange is worth 1 billion reais. For it to reach 2 billion reais and have a 100% increase in its shares, it is much easier than the 345 billion needed for Vale.

In this analogy, Bitcoin is like the Valley of cryptocurrencies. Your chances of exponentially multiplying the equity of new investors are extremely low. Unlike what happens with the so-called microcoins, coins still “hidden” in the crypto ecosystem . These are assets that, at the moment, are worth the tiniest cents of the dollar. But they can go up in price so exponentially that you become a millionaire in just 12 months with a small investment .

Of course, not all microcoins have this potential: there is a select list of them, which are “mined” by experts.

Some of these coins will continue to be worth even the tiniest cents, while others may go on to be worth tens or hundreds of dollars . And cause a real revolution in the portfolio of investors who take a stand while they are still not famous.

Bitcoin was once small. And today it is so huge that it even became the official currency of a country (El Salvador). Imagine what could happen to DeFi cryptocurrencies in the coming years. For now, they are still micro. But if they grow, they will take pioneer investors with them. And you can be one of them.

Elon Musk is already betting on this asset class. And it's not just him…


Do you want to invest in what billionaires are investing?

In addition to Tesla's founder, other billionaires are seeing potential in DeFi's thesis, and whoever “follows the money” from these sharks could have a chance to get really rich too , according to the cryptocurrency experts consulted for this report.

See just a few examples:

Mark Cuban , the owner of the Dallas Maverick basketball team and one of the mentors of the Shark Tank entrepreneurship program, doesn't mince words when talking about this new class of digital assets. For him, investing in DeFi is now like investing in the internet in its infancy , in other words, a chance to expose yourself to exorbitant profits. Cuban has property to talk: he got some of his billions of dollars investing on the internet in the early 2000s.

Other billionaires like Tim Draper , the venture capital investor who bet on Tesla, SpaceX and Coinbase, and Peter Thiel , co-founder of Paypal, are also moving money towards decentralized finance. Apple CEO Tim Cook recently claimed to have cryptocurrencies in his wallet.

Former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey goes even further and wants to create a platform to bring DeFi to the Bitcoin network, making these cryptocurrencies better known.

Even the president of the Central Bank, Roberto Campos Neto , sees that DeFi can be the future of finance:

DeFi é muito promissor

The report says that BC president Roberto Campos Neto said that the DeFi cryptocurrency sector is much more promising than bitcoin. Image: CoinTelegraph

  • Considering all of this: would you like to invest in what the “big fish” are investing or do you want to reach the end of the party and just pick up the leftovers from asset appreciation, after they have already been discovered by the general public?

Well then. If you want to be part of the group of first investors, now is the time to get to know DeFi cryptocurrencies and other microcroins.

Luckily, you don't have to go explore this universe alone. On January 24th, there will be a recruitment meeting for investors who want to know the potential of these unknown coins. And I'll tell you all the details you need to know to be one of the “recruits”.

These cryptocurrency experts will show you the most promising microcoins of the next 12 months and give you the chance to become a millionaire by investing very little money

Before you take a skeptical stance, I want you to know that these cryptocurrency experts are not untrained Youtube gurus who are just after your likes or selling an unsupported course. Vinícius Bazan, Valter Rebelo and Lucca Benedetti make up the department specializing in crypto and Blockchain at Empiricus, the largest independent financial analysis firm in the country. They are serious professionals who have a single objective: to help you earn money with digital assets. No need to invest a hefty sum.

They believe so much in the potential of these microcoins that they decided to promote a special meeting for investors who are subscribed to this select list ( click here to register for free ).

It's your chance to discover the investment that is attracting the big “sharks” and institutional investors.

On January 24th, at 7pm, the three will reveal the name of one of their bets completely free of charge . We are talking about a cryptocurrency that has the potential to multiply your investment by up to 50 times in just 12 months.

To give you an idea, this asset has not been discovered even by the big crypto brokers such as Binance and CoinBase. But that doesn't mean it's an obscure or clandestine business. It's a smart investment, one that deserves your attention and a small portion of your wealth, according to experts.

After all, see what little money in the cryptocurrency that will be revealed can do:

  • BRL 100 invested > BRL 5,000 in profits
  • BRL 1,000 invested > BRL 50,000 in profits
  • BRL 5,000 invested > BRL 250,000 in profits

Possibility of capturing profits at home of up to 50 times the amount invested in just 12 months. How many assets do you know that have the same potential?


Empiricus' team is adept at sniffing out good opportunities in the cryptocurrency market. Just to give you a proportion of the “hidden profits” the team has already found by sniffing out opportunities in this gigantic universe, I'll tell you a brief history of Axie Infinity (AXS) .

In mid-January, Empiricus recommended that followers of the “Exponential Coins” series purchase a still little-known digital currency called AXS. For her, the market had not yet discovered the potential of blockchain-developed games that paid users to play. At that time, cryptocurrency cost a mere 54 cents on the dollar.

At the time, the recommendation was somewhat ridiculed, and many finance influencers discredited the house of analysis. But the thesis proved to be a winner and here's what happened: AXS has gained around 25,500% in less than a year . This means in practice that:

  • Those who invested R$100 in AXS turned their equity into R$25,500;
  • R$1,000 in AXS became R$250,000;
  • R$5,000 became R$1,255,000;

*Considering AXS quotes from 1/1/2021 to 10/31/2021. Coin MarketCap data.

Whoever ridiculed, lost. Those who trusted the experts pocketed the profits (and may even have become a millionaire).

Of course, past earnings are no guarantee of future returns. Nobody has a crystal ball to “snap” the valuation of any asset. But personally, if I had to bet on something new like cryptocurrencies, I would like to follow the recommendations of a team that has expertise in the market.

These three specialists are responsible for two of the most successful crypto portfolios in Brazil : Exponencial Coins and Crypto Legacy, which have already delivered 3,954% and 3,549% of profits, respectively, since their creation in 2017. This is the average of the recommendations, which include large and small coins. Among microcoins, there are even more impressive results, such as the case of AXS, which earned 28,000% in less than a year.

So, if you want to differentiate yourself in the cryptocurrency market and receive first-hand recommendations from someone who has a deep understanding of the subject, just register for free through this link . The decision to click on the link is yours. But then don't come “crying over spilled milk” if you miss the opportunity to multiply your wealth up to 50 times in just one year.


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