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Review This Is Us | Final season begins promising emotion and reflections

Getting emotional about This Is Us is inevitable unless you have a "heart of stone". The series is coming to an end and about to become one of the most profound, delicate and intense of recent times, managing to touch the viewer by bringing up issues that are in our daily lives, which results in identification.

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This Is Us takes place in the life of the Pearson family in the past, present and future, and the plot must end by showing us the complete timeline to the end of the matriarch's life, once the husband left early, and how it will affect the rest of the relatives.

This Is Us comes to an end in season six (Image: Press Release/NBC)
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Please note: this review may contain spoilers from This Is Us!

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The first episode of the last and sixth seasons of This Is Us already brings us signs that the suffering will be great with the progression of dementia of Rebecca (Mandy Moore), who not only begins to forget things more often, but is completely shaken what you're going through.

To add to the farewell atmosphere, the plot shows the "big three" as a child suffering the first loss of their lives, before one of the most important, and the last ones we'll see, happens. The series recalls the case of the Challenger spacecraft, which in 1986 exploded in the sky on a live television broadcast.

Kevin needs to make important decisions last season (Image: Press Release/NBC)

The season's opening episode therefore begins to introduce the closing stories of Kate (Chrissy Metz), who is expected to divorce Toby (Chris Sullivan), from Kevin (Justin Hartley), who is expected to re-do the sitcom that made him famous, and Randall (Sterling K. Brown), who may come to better understand his inner conflicts.

The adult characters are dismembered according to each one's reaction as a child to the space tragedy. Kate, as always, is the most down-to-earth and tries to find the bright side of things. Randall, however, is driven more by sentiment and is genuinely concerned about those who have stayed and lost their fathers, mothers, children, and siblings.

Randall is the most sentimental of the trio (Image: Press Release/NBC)

On the other hand, Kevin can be the most complex for not being able to express his feelings, constantly repressing what he is feeling. This lack of reaction to what is happening affects the character throughout adolescence and adulthood, and perhaps understanding this issue, his closure in the series is positive.

Of course Kate and Randall's endings must also be complex, which will be covered in the following episodes. There is still a lot to show from other characters such as Deja and Malik, Miguel and Nicky, and the promise is that uncontrollable tears will flow throughout the season.

Kate's wedding will take a twist in season 6 (Image: NBC)

You can now check out the first episode of the sixth season of This Is Us on Star+ , with the episodes being released weekly every Thursday.

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