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Cobra Kai is close to being one of the most watched series on Netflix

The release of the fourth season of Cobra Kai could mean another record for Netflix . After Round 6 and Bridgerton , the series adapted from Karate Kid could enter the ranking of the most watched original productions on the streaming platform worldwide.

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According to the company, in just three days of launch, season 4 of Cobra Kai was played over 120 million hours by subscribers. Despite the good number, reaching the South Korean Round 6 will be a difficult task, as the plot captured 1.65 billion hours in the first 28 days. Still, other records can be broken.

More than 120 million hours of Cobra Kai were played in 3 days (Image: Press Release/Netflix)
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Cobra Kai can surpass 625 million hours of Bridgerton , 582 million hours of the third season of Stranger Things and 468 million hours of You .

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Cobra Kai on Netflix

Cobra Kai was an original YouTube Premium series that was acquired by Netflix. The plot has just reached its fourth season, with the fifth already confirmed and even with the recordings closed. The show's creators say there's no intention of ending the story anytime soon , so we should still see a few seasons in the next few years.

The plot is derived from the saga of films Karate Kid , from the 1980s, and shows how the characters of the franchise are today, more than 30 years later.

You can now marathon all four seasons of Cobra Kai on Netflix and contribute to the plot reaching the top of the rankings.

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