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4 trends for Brazilian e-commerce in 2022

The convenience of the digital environment has made e-commerce a comfortable place since the arrival of the covid-19 pandemic. In 2022, even with the post-pandemic context in sight, these new ways of buying and selling should consolidate.

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With that, some trends should spread through this segment in 2022. They point out the path that e-commerce should take in Brazil — and there should hardly be a return to what it was before. Follow four of them below.

1 – Fast deliveries

Since the beginning of e-commerce activities in the country, logistics has undergone many improvements. In the beginning, the distribution system had many flaws and the virtual stores were criticized for that. On business dates, for example, delayed delivery had to be accepted as part of the process.

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Currently, many stores, especially large retailers, deliver within a few days. There are even deliveries in a few hours. In 2022, this should intensify.

E-commerce logistics is already quite efficient (Image: Reproduction/Pexels/Tima Miroshnichenko)

2 – Omnichannel

When ultra-fast delivery isn't possible, websites can offer the option to pick up the purchase at a physical store. This is an example of omnichannel, which integrates online and offline, and is increasingly in the expectation of customers.

Payments also undergo transformation. Even in face-to-face purchases, consumers can pay via the instant payment system (Pix) or from a QR Code, instead of traditional credit and debit cards.

3 – Chatbot

Chatbots have been a trend for some time and help provide quick solutions to consumer queries. Its uninterrupted availability helps reduce traffic for the service team and saves you from attrition while creating a more pleasant customer experience.

4 – Advance purchases

In 2021, a survey by Cuponomia showed 65.3% of consumers took advantage of Black Friday to shop for Christmas. Companies need to consider this when creating the sales strategy to make the most of them.

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