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Sony wants Spider-Man: No Homecoming to Run for Oscar

After all the fuss about Spider-Man: No Back Home , Sony felt confident enough to want the hero's new film to compete for an Oscar — and has already started a campaign for Academy members to nominate the feature. for categories that go beyond technical awards. The hope, even, is that it will be nominated for Best Picture.

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So much so that some ads have already started to be found in publications aimed at the film industry, as revealed by film critic Will Mavity. He is a member of the Academy of Cinematographic Arts and Sciences, responsible for the awards, and shared on his Twitter profile some of the advertising pieces that Sony has been promoting to boost No Return Home at the Oscars.

As can be seen in the images below, the studio has selected some excerpts from reviews published by vehicles in the United States that highlight the weight of the plot and the actors' interpretations to show that the new Spider-Man is more than just another super movie. -hero and that has a dramatic value there.

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In addition, there is a request in bold letters for Academy members to consider the feature in all categories, including Best Film. This means that Tom Holland is expected to be nominated for Best Actor and, who knows, Willem Dafoe for Best Supporting Actor.

This type of strategy is quite common in Hollywood and studios adopt it mainly when they are confident of their releases. So, investing in this type of publicity is a way of lobbying and encouraging Academy members to vote for them when selecting Oscar nominees.

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And while it's still rare to see movies of heroes vying for the main categories, we've already had a few exceptions that show it's possible for Spider-Man: No Return Home to go beyond technical awards. Black Panther and Joker managed to break the barrier and show that there is room for this type of production.

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