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Solana cryptocurrency value drops after third DDoS attack in 6 months

And the year 2022 is already starting with security problems in the cryptocurrency sector. After suffering its third DDoS attack in 6 months this last Tuesday (4), the price of the native asset of the blockchain Solana (SOL) is being influenced by crimes, causing the value of the cryptocurrency to drop.

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The Solana network has been the target of more attacks since it grew more than 7,000% over the course of 2021. In this Tuesday (4)'s coup, the large volume of machines accessing the blockchain ended up causing it to go down for a few hours, only returning hours later, after corrections that fixed the flaw exploited during the offensive.

However, even though this is the third attack in six months, the price of the SOL asset only dropped 1.5% in the 24 hours after the event, reaching the value of US$ 168.2 (R$ 958.47 in the current conversion) per unit in the early hours of this Wednesday (5). Before the event, digital currency was being traded for US$ 175.7 (about R$ 1,000).

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Reasons for the attacks

The growth of the SOL asset in the last 12 months. (Image: Playback/CoinMarketCap)

According to blockchain analysts told The News Crypto website, these constant DDoS attacks on the Solana network are not only done because of the value of its native token , but also because of flaws in the structure of the service itself.

The blockchain technical team is working to prevent future attacks of this type, but if the experts' analysis is correct, it will need a rebuild and update of the network to be able to stop 100% of the DDoS occurrences that are currently occurring with it.

At the end of this article, SOL was being sold for US$ 163.57 (R_jobs(data.conteudo)nbsp;932.09).

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