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Integration between Telecine and Globoplay is already in effect; know how it works

Starting this Wednesday (5), Telecine subscribers will access the service's film catalog directly through Globoplay. The unification of the two platforms announced last October is already in effect and marks the strengthening of Grupo Globo's streaming and the creation of an even broader ecosystem.

  • When will Telecine switch to Globoplay? What changes for subscribers?

From now on, it will no longer be necessary to access the Telecine application to access the available releases, since everything is within a channel in the Globoplay interface, just as the platform already offered with Premiere and Combate, for example . Altogether, there are more than 2,000 movies that are now being accessed within the service.

Telecine is already featured within the Globoplay interface (Screenshot: Durval Ramos/A Market Analysis)

According to Telecine, the main objective of the change is to expand the distribution capillarity, generating an integrated experience with other Globoplay content. “The change aims to concentrate our extensive portfolio in a single environment, providing operational synergy gains”, explains Sóvero Pereira, CEO of the company. "The improvements are for us to continue with the commitment to bring the best of cinema's magic anywhere and in the way that the public wants".

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To help in this unification process, subscribers will receive communications via email to explain the current status of services and how to proceed. Among the main points that Telecine is reinforcing at the moment is that, despite this being a major change in its business model, subscribers will not have to deal with any impact on the price of their subscription.

Telecine's releases and cinelists are already inside Globoplay (Screenshot: Durval Ramos/A Market Analysis)

Another important issue that has been highlighted is that the unification with Globoplay is something that will only affect subscribers who used the service over the internet, either through the website or through the Telecine app. In these cases, everything will be directed to Globo streaming. For those who follow the channel only through pay TV, the service continues to work normally through decoders and also through the Telecine platform and applications.

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How will it work

As explained at the time of the unification announcement, Telecine and Globoplay will exist as separate services, but within a single environment. So much so that subscriptions will be different and only the content will be offered in the same place.

This means that, in order to access the catalog of the two services, you will need to have two different subscriptions. Thus, those who pay only for the BBB and soap operas will not be able to follow the films, just as moviegoers will need an additional subscription to check out the 2022 season of the reality show.

They are two distinct products that exist in one place only.

Telecine appears as one of the available channels within Globoplay (Screenshot: Durval Ramos/A Market Analysis)


As Telecine reinforced, subscribers do not need to worry about any change in values. Subscribers to the online streaming platform's cable TV channel will continue to pay the same thing, as in the case of combos with Globoplay.

Currently, Telecine's monthly fees are divided into three categories, according to the package chosen. Are they:

  • Only Telecine channels: R$ 37.90
  • Telecine + Globoplay: R$49.90
  • Telecine + Globoplay + Live Channels: R$ 74.90

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