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Fiat Mobi | "Cheap" Hatch loses entry version and becomes more expensive

Before the cheapest car in Brazil , the Fiat Mobi is already starting to cost more than ideal and soon we are losing all the "popular" cars on the market. In a relocation made by the Italian automaker, the subcompact lost its entry-level version "Easy", which cost R$57 thousand, and is now sold only in two variants: Like, for R$59,190; and Trekking, which starts at R$ 62,290.

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The Easy version was extremely basic and was no longer sought after by customers. To give the reader an idea, not even the "dignity kit" was offered as standard, that is, the cart didn't even have air conditioning, something that already happens in the Like version, which has a few more items — in addition to optional .

Even with the changes required by the L7 phase of the Proconve (Program for the Control of Air Pollution by Motor Vehicles), the remaining versions of the Mobi are still equipped with the old (and competent) 1.0 Fire Evo engine of 75hp and 9.9 kgf/m of torque when fueled with ethanol.

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The Fiat Mobi sells more than its biggest rival, the Renault Kwid, but now it's much more expensive (Image: Press Release/Fiat)

With all the options included, such as metallic paint, multimedia center with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay wirelessly, height adjustment of the seats and steering wheel, the Fiat Mobi Like sells for R$ 63,690, while the Mobi Trekking, which has a different and larger finish. height from the ground, it is R$ 66,290.

With the removal of Mobi Easy from the product range, Fiat starts 2022 with six vehicles leaving the line, revealing the brand's new strategy and repositioning. Are they:

  1. Fiat Mobi Easy
  2. Fiat One
  3. Fiat Doblo
  4. Fiat Grand Siena
  5. Fiat Argo 1.8
  6. Fiat Cronos 1.8

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