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Amazon gives free NFT of metaverse game Blankos

Amazon gives free NFT of blankos metaverse game

The world's internet giant Amazon, while not revealing plans to incorporate cryptoactives into its platform as did Mercado Livre and e-bay, has joined the wave of non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Thus, through its gaming platform, Amazon Prime Gaming, announced an exclusive partnership to launch NFTs of the metaverse and blockchain game Blankos.

Therefore, among others, through the partnership Amazon is distributing to users of its prime service a series of game NFTs.

Thus, the company did not reveal the total amount of NFTs that will be distributed, however it pointed out that the first Blankos that will be given away for free are some XP to raise the level of your favorite avatar.

Therefore, to access NFT for free, service subscribers just need to access the special Blankos tab on the platform and claim their special package for free.

Thus, according to the company, other special NFT packages will be distributed over the next few weeks, in addition, it has already been announced that there will also be distribution of accessories, backpacks and Gumballs.


Blankos Block Party is one of the most anticipated blockchain games of 2022. The private BETA release was released in 2021 and users can now purchase nfts packs of the game.

So, based on Blankos, cool vinyl characters created by famous designers, Blankos Block Party is a user-generated universe where anyone can create their own mini-games and invite their friends to come and play.

One of its main features is that although it's running on a customized version of the EOS blockchain, it doesn't mention it at all.

Instead, it's accessed like any other PC game using an email and password, with all the technical details of wallets and private keys hidden in the background.

So this is a very deliberate decision by publisher Mythical Games and developer Third Kind Games , who want the game to appeal to a large audience, and not be limited to a small niche of cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

Therefore, Mythical Games' broader goal is to use the power of the blockchain to allow millions of players to own and trade their in-game items; something it labels “player-led economy”.

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