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HR startup helps people with disabilities to enter the market

The human resources startup Egalitê has stood out for betting on the inclusion of people with disabilities in the job market. Active since 2009, the Porto Alegre company claims to have replaced more than 8,000 professionals of this profile throughout Brazil, according to the Blog do Empreendedor, from Estadão.

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As is customary nowadays, Egalitê has its own recruitment and hiring platform, which performs a type of match between the specifics of the vacancy and the candidate's profile. In the long term, the technology would help increase hiring assertiveness and reduce employee turnover, as well as guide client companies to adopt inclusive and accessible practices.

A recent survey by the Association of Information and Communication Technology Companies (Brasscom) found that in 2020 8,000 information technology professionals were people with a disability — motor, visual, hearing or intellectual. These personnel represent 0.9% of the total number of employees in the Brazilian IT sector. According to the 2010 IBGE census, the total number of people with disabilities in the country was 45 million.

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Egalite says he helps companies fill quotas for people with disabilities (Image: twenty20photos/envato)

Since 1991, the country has had Law 8.213/91, called the Quota Law. It predicts that companies with more than 100 employees have 2% to 5% of people with disabilities in their workforce. Egalitê's platform tries to fill this need of companies. For the professional, just create your profile and resume on the startup's website . Some of the companies that are Egalitê's customers are Ambev, AES, C&A, HP, Pão de Açúcar, Gerdau, Totvs, Pizza Hut and Red Bull, among others.

The startup team created six basic steps for human resource managers to be able to implement inclusive culture initiatives in their respective companies:

  • Awareness : talking about the topic with the internal team helps to prepare the organizational environment that will receive professionals with disabilities and present the diversity policy;
  • Job mapping : this step must understand the prerequisites and skills that the professional with a disability needs for a given function and think ahead about accessibility, safety and quality of work solutions;
  • Architectural accessibility : in addition to ramps, adapted restrooms and elevators, it is necessary to think about aspects such as communication and resources offered to this type of professional, in accordance with Federal Decree 5296/2004, the ABNT Technical Standard 9050/2015 and the Brazilian Law of Inclusion;
  • Inclusion of talents : include in the selection the analysis of candidates and choose those compatible with the prerequisites and affinities with the vacancy, recognizing the deficiencies and limitations considered and framed in the Quotas Law. Performing the selection incorrectly can harm the company and the professional;
  • Talent retention : offer recognition and growth opportunities within the company to these professionals, again bearing in mind their capabilities and limitations, so that there is a high level of satisfaction;
  • Training : by improving core competencies and skills, the company also improves the performance of those who have difficulty in certain tasks. The company must provide accessibility resources in the physical space and work materials.

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