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How to share apps and games you've purchased on iPhone

Family Sharing is a feature that allows you to bring people together, whether they are real family members or not, and may be just friends, for example, in a group of iCloud accounts. Naturally, all members are required to have active Apple ID accounts on some Apple device such as an iPhone , Mac or iPad.

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One of the coolest features of Home Sharing is being able to enable Purchase Sharing, which allows all purchases of apps and games from the App Store, music and ringtones from the iTunes Store, movies and series rented from Apple TV, and books from Apple Books to be shared among all group members.

Find out below how to share all purchases from your Apple ID account using the Home Sharing feature on your iPhone:

  1. In your iPhone Settings, enter your Apple ID. Then tap the "Home Sharing" feature;
  2. On the next screen, scroll down and click on the "Share Purchases" option;
    Go to Settings > Home Sharing > Share Purchases (Screenshot: Lucas Wetten)
  3. Some windows will open on the screen for you to confirm the activation of sharing purchases in your account. The first screen will reinforce that purchases made from your Apple ID account currently logged into the device will be shared. If you prefer, you can select to change the account;
  4. The second screen will emphasize that the payment method will be the credit card registered to your Apple ID. In other words, existing subscriptions from other family members, as well as new purchases made, will all be charged to your card from now on;
  5. The third screen offers you to notify, by sending a message in iMessage, all family members about the payment change;
    Review the Home Sharing changes in your account (Screenshot: Lucas Wetten)
  6. And that's it, on the final screen, confirm that the "Share purchases with family" option on your iPhone is enabled.
Confirm option to share purchases with family on your iPhone (Screenshot: Lucas Wetten)

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