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How to configure foreign keyboard in Portuguese

Our keyboards, computer peripherals or notebooks, have a different standard from those that come from abroad, so if you have an imported accessory, know how to configure a foreign keyboard in Portuguese to use in everyday life without problems.

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The way to configure the keyboard is quite simple since the feature is native to Windows Check below how to perform this important configuration.

Set up a new language

  1. Click on the computer's start menu and access "Settings" by clicking on the gear button;
  2. Then click on "Language and speech";
  3. In the sidebar, go to "Language" and then click add a language;
  4. Search and select the language, click on "Next" and after that on "Install";
Choose a new language to configure a keyboard in Portuguese (Screenshot: Rodrigo Folter)

add a keyboard

  1. When finished, click on the installed language and access the options;
  2. Click "Add a keyboard" and add ABNT or ABNT 2;
  3. Delete the old one, if you wish, by clicking on the language and select "Remove" to have the Portuguese configured on the foreign keyboard.
Click "Add a Keyboard" to set it to Portuguese (Screenshot: Rodrigo Folter)

Changing the keyboard language

On the taskbar you can find the configured languages, close to the date and time. That's where you can quickly choose which one to use.

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Access the languages in the lower right corner to switch to Portuguese on the foreign keyboard (Screenshot: Rodrigo Folter)

These steps serve not only to configure a foreign keyboard in Portuguese, but also to add any language. Also take the opportunity to learn about thedifferences between ABNT and ABNT 2 keyboards with this text from A Market Analysis for you.

Read the article on A Market Analysis .

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