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Cryptocurrency mining prohibited in yet another country

Mining of cryptocurrencies prohibited in one more country

Another country decided to ban cryptocurrency mining due to the energy crisis experienced globally. After Iran banned it with the justification of “saving energy for the winter”, now it was Kosovo's turn to follow the same path.

Despite having a territory equivalent to a quarter the size of the State of Rio de Janeiro, Kosovo has a large natural supply of coal. However, this energy matrix is being fought a lot worldwide.

Recently, “scheduled blackouts” – which last 2 hours – have been taking place across the country, as a way of “forcing” a reduction in electricity consumption. As a result, population protests against these measures are taking place, as both families and the local economy are being impacted.

Temporary ban

Atrane Rizvanolli, minister of the local economy, decided this Tuesday (4) prohibit the mining criptomoedas . He stated in a note that the decision was taken with the recommendation of the technical committee for emergency measures for energy supply.

“These actions are intended to address the potential unexpected or long-term lack of electricity production capacities, transmission or power distribution capacities to overcome the situation without further burdening the citizens of the Republic of Kosovo,” said Rizvanolli.

The committee was created to evaluate various energy saving measures. Rizvanolli said police and authorities would step in to ensure that the ban was enforced. In addition, they will identify locations that are likely to be mining cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin .

The state of emergency was declared in December 2021 and will remain in effect for the next 60 days. This allows the government to set aside more money for energy imports and schedule power cuts.

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