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Back to school at the Virtual Bookcase has up to 60% discount on books

The Virtual Bookshelf is once again running a huge back-to-school promotion, with discounts on new and used books that can reach 60% of the original price. To make it even easier for you to return to school or college, the site delivers to all regions of the country.

In addition to textbooks, very popular at this time of year, educational books can also be found at great prices. Grammars and dictionaries in different languages are also great learning tools and are on the list. Below you can see some highlights that are part of the promotion.

  • Check out books with up to 60% off at the Virtual Bookshelf

the yellow bag

This work is a novel about a girl who comes into conflict with herself and with her family when she represses three great desires (which she hides in a yellow bag) — the desire to be a grown-up, the desire to be born a boy, and the desire to become a writer.

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  • Buy The Yellow Bag at a discount on the Virtual Bookshelf

Dom Casmurro

This is one of the main classics of Brazilian literature. By creating Capitu, creating Capitu, the astonishing girl with "slanted and dissimulated eyes", with "hangover eyes", Machado bequeathed us an incredible mystery, a mystery still undeciphered today.

For nearly a hundred years, scholars and specialists have been sifting through it, analyzing it in all its aspects. In vain. Although the author took the trouble to distribute all the clues along the way to anyone who wanted to decipher the riddle, no one has solved it yet.

  • Buy Dom Casmurro at a discount on the Virtual Bookshelf

Learn and Practice Grammar

This book is essential for anyone who wants to deepen their studies of grammar. It is aimed at children and teenagers. It has a simple, accessible language and completes the grammar.

  • Buy Learn and Practice Grammar at a discount on the Virtual Bookshelf

animal farm

This is the English version of the great classic of foreign literature, The Animal Revolution . Written in World War II, the book builds a fierce satire on the Stalinist dictatorship with references to the figure of Stalin, Trotsky and political events, mimicking what actually happened in the Soviet Union.

To compose a representation of humanity at the time, George Orwell used animals as characters of a harsh and cruel reality, which animalized men. Great book for those who want to practice their English with a deeper reading.

  • Buy Animal Farm at a discount on the Virtual Bookshelf

Le Petit Prince

Published in 1943, The Little Prince tells the story of a prince who befriends a pilot who has an accident in the middle of the desert. With watercolor illustrations made by the author himself, the book addresses universal themes such as love, friendship and the meaning of life.

The work has been translated into over 250 languages and has become one of the greatest hits of all time, being the most read French book in the world.

  • Buy Le Petit Prince at a discount on the Virtual Bookshelf

Star Hour

This book is critical to developing a love of reading. Macabéa lives without knowing why. After losing his aunt, he travels to Rio de Janeiro, rents a room, takes a job as a typist and falls in love with Olímpio de Jesus — who soon betrays her with a co-worker.

  • Buy A Hora da Estrela at a discount on the Virtual Bookshelf

Mini Aurélio — The Dictionary of the Portuguese Language

The Mini Aurélio is already a classic on school lists. It is essential for Portuguese classes in any age group.

  • Buy Mini Aurélio at a discount on the Virtual Bookshelf

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