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Square Enix CEO Unveils Plans to Launch Metaverse

Square Enix CEO Unveils Plans to Launch Metaverse

More and more NFTs and money-making games are gaining ground. As a result, several technology companies are targeting the blockchain path.

Square Enix, one of the biggest game developers in the world has revealed its plans to enter the Metaverse . The company is responsible for hits like Life os Strange, Final Fantasy and Tomb Raider.

Last Saturday, Yosuke Matsuda, CEO of Square Enix, revealed the company's intentions for the blockchain and NFT spheres.

In his letter, Matsuda said he hopes 2022 will be a year for the metaverse. According to him, breaking geographical boundaries in the virtual world will be able to connect people even more.

He thinks virtual reality technology, the growing use of cloud computing and 5G will lead to the existence of the metaverse. In discussing the concept, Matsuda wrote:

As this abstract concept begins to take the form of product and service offerings, I hope it will generate changes that will also have a more substantial impact on our business.

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