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Matrix Resurrections | Keanu Reeves donated 70% of his salary to a good cause

Keanu Reeves has decided to prove himself a hero also off camera. The actor donated 70% of his salary for starring in the new Matrix Resurrections to fund research into a cure for leukemia.

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In absolute numbers, this corresponds to a figure between US$ 8.4 million and US$ 9.8 million — R$ 47.5 million and R$ 55.4 million in the current price, respectively — that is, an amount more than the how expressive. According to Variety, Reeves was estimated to have received a total cache of between $12 million and $14 million, and we now know that he gave up much of that amount for a good cause.

With each passing day, Keanu Reeves proves to be an even nicer guy (Image: Press Release/Warner Bros)

And this interest in curing the disease has a very personal side: the actor's younger sister struggled with leukemia for 10 years. Kim Reeves was diagnosed in 1991 and the eternal Neo was very present by her side throughout the treatment until the disease entered a state of remission and she was considered cured.

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At the time, the actor spent about $5 million just on his sister's treatment, even selling his house to be closer to her. In addition, he founded an organization to help fight the disease, funding research and covering costs at children's hospitals.

Despite being a very admirable action, Reeves says he doesn't like to attach his name to the project and that the idea is to let the organization fulfill its role without him reaping the credit for it.

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