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HQ shows arrival of the most lethal version of Thanos seen so far

While fans of Marvel's Cinematic Universe (MCU) believe Thanos' participation in new films in the franchise will be difficult, comic book fans are overdosing on the Mad Titan, which could reach its apex in 2022. with a completely insane and powerful version of the villain.

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Warning: Spoilers to follow!

In Timeless #1 , Kang the Conqueror is looking at different timelines and what events can become dangers to the main Marvel Universe. However, as he monitors the temporary activities, he notices distortions, and one in particular is a bit frightening: a Thanos who is using Thor's famous hammer, Mjolnir, in conjunction with the Gems of Infinity.

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Kang seeing the alternate version of Thanos. (Image: Reproduction/Marvel Comics)

The purpose of the Timeless series is to show future events from Marvel's comics, we can hope that this version of Thanos will soon arrive in the publisher's stories. Also, this isn't his first appearance, with recent issues of Thor's solo magazine causing the thunder god to have some visions of his death at the hands of the Mad Titan who raises Mjolnir while commanding a horde of zombies.

In his observation, Kang also sees the Punisher acting in tandem with the Hand Ninja clan, a new team of Young Avengers being founded, among other events besides Thanos's arrival with Mjolnir. Of course, so far, most of these revelations don't tell us much about the future of Marvel comics, but they do serve as pretty interesting previews.

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At the same time, it is important to remember that we do not know if these events will actually happen, as Kang says he is seeing situations that are only possible because of distortions.

Perhaps, in the progress of the plot of Timeless , the Conqueror will be able to destroy these interferences, preventing these futures from the Marvel universe – but in the specific case of this version of Thanos, the concept seems too curious not to be taken advantage of in any way.

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