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FANTASTIC SALE | Magalu's big annual promotion takes place this Friday (7)

One of the most traditional events in Brazilian retail, the Fantastic Sale already has a date to take place in 2022. It will be held this next Friday (7), throughout the day. Various electronics will be on sale, including notebooks, cell phones, consoles, home appliances and more.

Created 27 years ago, the Fantastic Sale is a great opportunity for anyone looking for good deals during the beginning of the year. Originally held only in physical stores, the promotion now also takes place on the internet, through the Magalu website and app.

Even better prices for the Gold Client

As with other promotional events at Magalu, some of the best offers are usually reserved for those who are the store's Gold Customers, as part of Magazine Luiza's loyalty program. Unlike other programs of this type, you don't pay anything extra to be a Gold Client.

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To be part of the program and have access to even better discounts throughout the year, it is enough to have made at least three purchases on different days during the last 24 months. In other words, if you frequently buy from Magalu, it is likely that you are already a Gold Customer and are entitled to the lowest prices. It is worth checking.

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How to take advantage of Fantastic Sale offers

A Market Analysis Offers will provide complete coverage of the event, bringing all the products at prices that are really worth it and always informing you of the best conditions, whether through special coupons, exclusive application discounts or other types of offers.

Follow A Market Analysis Offers through mobile groups, Instagram or the website to stay on top of all the best deals available at any time. Choose your preferred platform from the buttons below and start getting ready to save this Friday (7).

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