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Dean Fleischer-Camp Personal Life, Net Worth & More


Dean Fleischer-Camp Net Worth Personal Life & More

Dean Fleischer-Camp is an Award-Winning Filmmaker and Author. Furthermore, Keep reading to find out more about Dean Fleischer-Camp Personal Life Net Worth and Short Film

He is known for creating the viral sensation Marcel The Shell With Shoes On. The 37-year-old appeared on the Filmmaker Magazin’s 25 New Faces of Independent Film back in 2011. Furthermore, His work has been profiled in virtually every major American Media Outlet. As of now, he is directing a feature-length adaption of Marcel The Shell With Shoes On. Furthermore, The feature has a cast of A-list actors including American Actress and Comedian Jenny Slate. Italian-American actress and author Isabella Rossellini. And Canadian-American actress Rosa Salazar. Furthermore, His other works include directing commercial content for Comedy Central, Superdulex, etc.

Now that you have an idea of who exactly Dean Fleischer-Camp is, Keep reading to find out more details about his Personal Life.

Dean Fleischer-Camp – Personal Life

Dean Fleischer-Camp is 27 years old. He is unmarried now. However, Fleischer was briefly married to Jenny Slate. He got married in 2012 and got divorced in 2016. Furthermore, He is known to be quite fond of Travelling and Filmmaking. His father is Dr. Norman Camp and his mother is Sydney Fleischer. Furthermore, He has 2 Siblings Marshal and Lee. Lee is a standup comedian. Fleischer had an affinity for filmmaking at a young age, as he has said he used to make short films with his high school friends. However, the couple remained good friends even after their divorce.

Now that you know more about Dean Fleischer-Camp’s Personal Life, read about his viral short film Marcel The Shell With Shoes On.

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Dean Fleischer-Camp Personal Life, Net Worth & More

Dean Fleischer-Camp Short Film

Marcel The Shell With Shoes On was an animated short film about a seashell outfitted shoes. The seashell had a solitary googly eye. The story follows Marcel being interviewed in his home by a Documentary Filmmaker. Marcel speaks about his activities and hobbies. The film was edited in such a way to resemble Rough cut footage. Furthermore, The movie had two other sequels that came out in the same year in 2011 and 2014 respectively. There is supposedly a full-length movie in the works. The first movie made quite the rage back when it was released. We can expect the full-feature movie to hold up to that standard.

Now that you know about Dean Fleischer-Camp’s Short Film, Keep reading to get an idea about his Net Worth.

Dean Fleischer-Camp – Net Worth

The young director is reportedly worth about $500,000. Dean Fleischer-Camp has always been an excellent Movie Maker. And we cant wait for the full feature film of Marcel the Seashell. However,  The fans are all super excited about the movie and we expect it to be a superhit just like the Short film was.

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