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Mikaela Hoover from Love Hard
Mikaela Hoover from Love Hard


Meet Mikaela Hoover from Love Hard?

Have you already lit up your home with Christmas Decor due to the sudden temperature dip? Well, i would say that I am guilty. Netflix is also coming to your home with a very sweet rom-com this holidays. Love Hard is a romantic genre movie that is released on Netflix on November 5, 2021. There’s some news as fans are interested to know more about the character Chelsea Lin aka Mikaela Hoover from Love Hard. Are you interested in the news as well? Without further ado, move on to reading the article.

About Love Hard

A usual  sweet rom-com and very American movie.  This Christmas-y movie stars our favorite Vampire Diaries Star , Nina Dobrev. Dobrev plays the character of a young girl who writes a dating column for a famous magazine in LA. She is living the usual dull and mundane until she decides herself to join the dating app. She realizes her high school crush is on the same platform as well and tries her luck by swiping him right. Everything comes as a surprise when her crush swipes her right as well! This comes as a shock for Dobrev and she decides to take it forward. The conversation goes on forward and she decides to travel all the way to the East Coast to meet up with this guy. All hell breaks loose, when she realizes that she has been catfished! It was a nerdy guy she has been texting all along and not her crush. While she is disappointed with the guy, he offers her with an interesting idea. He decides that he will indeed help her to win over her crush but only on one condition- she has to pretend to be the nerd’s girlfriend throughout the holidays! The rest of the plot is based on this funny and sweet drama. It also shows about love and hope which Christmas is all about.

Mikaela Hoover from Love Hard

 Mikaela Hoover from Love Hard

Mikaela Hoover from Love Hard

Mikaela is an American actress but she is of Italian and Latin origin. She was born and brought in Washington. Since her childhood days, she had been interested in music and dance. In fact, she had joined the dance classes at the tender age of just two years. She was also roped in for all the theatrical plays at school. She has also starred in several popular commercials during her childhood days. She is professionally trained as an actor. She had completed college at Loyola Marymount University, where she was trained in theatrical studies.

Mikaela began her acting debut in 2007 officially. She played a supportive role in the movie Frank. This movie was an abandoned dog straying into the backyard of a suburban family. The father is reluctant to take in the stray pet but later forms an attachment with the pet. The rest of the movie follows the bonding that forms between Frank-the pet and the family.

Mikaela starred in a leading role for the first time in Sorority Forever in the year 2008. The next two years, she was seen as playing some minor roles in movies and  theatres. She got her big break when she was roped to play a character in our beloved series- How I met your mother. Though she was meant to be one of the hookups of Barney. People loved her and she kept appearing in the guest roles for several times throughout the series. She even did appear in the famous comedy genre series of Anger Management and Two and a half men.

In 2020, she also appeared in a DC movie- Suicide Squad, a Netflix movie- Holidate and a Netflix series – Lucifer.

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