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What Is TikTok SOS? Tiktok SOS Saves The Life Of A Teenage Girl


What Is TikTok SOS? Tiktok SOS Saves The Life Of A Teenage Girl

About Tiktok SOS

SOS is a popular abbreviation used in our modern times. The abbreviated term means Save our Souls in the expanded form. This is a signal for rescue or calls for help. This feature has been added in popular social media platforms. This includes Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram,Snapchat, and Tiktok. A few days this started as a trend on the popular social media platform-Tiktok. This trend implies a hand signal which suggests that a person is asking for help or to be rescued. The trend includes a variety of hand gestures. These include face palming, holding up your hand to show to another person, closing in hands over the thumb, and putting the thumb in the palm.

These hand gestures imply a rescue signal more prominently. It had begun a year back to make people aware of the safety issues of women all over the world. It was meant for the girls to learn the symbol and people in general, to help the person in need if they see this signal.  This trend started off with a very light-hearted tone and it gained popularity over time really soon. This minor trend became life-saving for a teenage girl few days back. Have you been aware of the Tiktok SOS that saved a teenage girl’s life? Let’s dive into the details without any further ado.

What Is TikTok SOS? Tiktok SOS Saves The Life Of A Teenage Girl

What Is TikTok SOS? Tiktok SOS Saves The Life Of A Teenage Girl

Tiktok SOS saves the day

On 2nd November, a teenage girl was reported missing. The complaint registered that she has been missing from Ashville, Noth Carolina.  After the complaint was filed, there was a further inquiry into the matter. But it wasn’t leading anywhere due to the lack of clues along the way. It was looking like a dead end with no clues until the night of 5th November. The victim was seen by a cab driver through the windowpane of a car that she was being taken away. She immediately signalled to the cab driver through the Tiktok SOS trending feature. The cab driver could deduce that the girl was kidnapped and was asking to be rescued. After the initial signal, the cab driver immediately called up 911 reporting the entire incident. The kind man followed the silver Toyota all along the way. He was also continuously reporting the police about the track and location of the car. Through the help of the GPS location and the vehicle number plate, the police were able to track down the victim and the perpetrator.

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The perpetrator was identified as James Brick, who was a resident of North Carolina. The 61-year-old man was later identified as a pervert and assaulter who was involved in previous such scenarios in the neighborhood. The police smartly caught up on the accused as he was trying to flee the interstate through exit 41. They closed in on the accused while handling the report from the cab driver. On inquiring with the victim, the police were able to fill in the gaps after the girl was kidnapped. A mobile phone was discovered by the accused which involved the inappropriate images of underage girls. This wasn’t a new thing for the accused.  The accused had taken the teenage girl to spend time with his relatives in Ohio. It didn’t last long as the relatives protested about the events. They reportedly told the accused that they had seen the news about the girl missing and she was underage as well. This was supposed to be a safe place for the accused’s crime event. After the turn of the event, he immediately decided to leave the place and move to another safer place.

He started traveling to the southern region. All along the way, the girl was asking for help to the fellow cars on the road. However, this went completely unnoticed by the people as it wasn’t considered as a cry for help. She didn’t give up and continuously waved at the fellow passers-by. This became fruitful once she reached the cab driver. She started signaling to him in the popular trending of the social media platform. It was clever of the cab driver to recognize the signal and coming up to the rescue of the poor girl.

The police captured the accused and put him in jail. James was charged with the first-degree crime and possessing inappropriate material on teenage girls. Therefore, he was sentenced for imprisonment. Thus, the popular trend had saved the day. You should be aware of your surroundings as you can also help a person in need.

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