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Chimera Episode 2 Release Date, Eng Sub, Preview, Watch Online


Chimera Episode 2 Release Date, Eng Sub, Preview, Watch Online

Chimera Episode 2 will focus on the starting of the bizarre accidents and how the same is related to Chimeras. Furthermore, it will also show how the three leads came into meeting each other. Let’s dive into detail regarding Chimera Episode 2 release date, preview, watch online here. 

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Chimera Episode 1: Recap

Before moving further onto Chimera Episode 2, let’s get you a quick recap.

Chimera Episode 1 starts with two men facing each other. They are Chae Jae Hyun and Lee Jong Yub respectively. One man is explaining what is a chimera. He says that there is a mythical creature with the face of a lion, the body of a goat, and the tail of a snake. Furthermore, it is a monster that breathes out fires to kill people. Moreover, it is a mythical creature from Greek mythology. It could also mean that the same entity has different genetic creatures. The series also features Cha Jae-Hwan, Eugene Haddaway, and Lee Joong-Yeob.

Furthermore, they mysteriously become involved with each other. All the three have one thing in common. Thus, they are involved in the investigation of the Chimera cases. Moreover, Joong-Yeob doubts Jae Hyun and thinks him to be the murderer. However, he is not so sure about the same. So, how did they arrive at that point? The episode also shows the flashbacks starting with all the events taking place from August 2019 in Seoul. It also seems that Jae Hun’s parents are hiding something. Let’s move on to know more about Chimera Episode 2.

Chimera Episode 2 Release Date, Eng Sub, Preview, Watch Online

Chimera Episode 2: Release Date

Chimera Episode 2 will get released on October 31, 2021, on the original network of OCN at 22:30 KST. Hence, there are a few hours left until the release of episode 2 of the fantasy thriller crime thriller show. The whole series consists of sixteen episodes. The series has only started airing and is on the premiering week. 

Chimera Episode 2 Watch Online?

Chimera Ep2 will be available for watching online only on the Rakuten Viki streaming platform beside the original network. Thus, one can stream the series in the original network or on Viki. 

Chimera E2: Preview

Chimera Episode 2 will focus more on the special creature and the background related to it. Meanwhile, Joong-Yeob has bad dreams regarding some times, churches, and burning candles. He wakes up from the dream afraid and with suspicion. Furthermore, he says that when something is burning, it could also mean purification. On the other hand, Eugene came to meet Joong-Yeob at the hospital regarding the burning of the car in the middle of Seoul. They begin their investigations together. She also says that the culprit could be set on killing the next target. 

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