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Jirisan Episode 2 Eng Sub, Release Date, Recap, Spoilers, Watch Online


Jirisan Episode 2 Eng Sub, Release Date, Recap, Spoilers, Watch Online

Jirisan E 2 is the latest installment of the Ongoing Mystery-Thriller Kdrama. Keep reading to find out about Jirisan Episode 1 Recap, Jirisan Episode 2 Spoilers, Release Date and Watch Online.

The Series Protagonists are the Jirisan National Park, Park Rangers. The story follows the Park Rangers as they navigate the treacherous terrain of South Korea’s Tallest Mountain. Furthermore, the show depicts the harsh reality of the Rangers as they have to look for lost Trekkers. Which is not the issue. The problem arises as the Rangers have no way of knowing who are they gonna meet in the Mountains. Will it be a scared citizen who got lost? Perhaps ruthless criminal hiding from the law. Or Those who have come to end their lives. Regardless, The rangers have to do their duty. Even if it means putting their own lives on the line. Before getting to the Spoilers of Jirisan Episode 2, Here is a quick recap.

For Those who are new to the Show. Or just want to Refresh your Memory. Keep Reading to Find out Jirisan Episode 1 Recap.

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Jirisan: The Story Till Now

Before moving further with Jirisan Episode 2, let’s get you a quick recap.

In the last episode, We were introduced to two separate timelines. The first one takes place in 2018. It follows Seo Yi-Kang and Kang Hyun-Jo. The second timeline takes place in 2019 which showed Seo Yi-Kang paralyzed from the waist down. While Kang Hyun-Jo is fighting for his life in a Hospital bed. Despite wanting nothing to do with the job that took her legs. She comes back to the office. There she was disturbed to see pictures of Recent Search Parties.

Jirisan Episode 2 Eng Sub, Release Date, Recap, Spoilers, Watch Online

Then we see Kang Hyun-Jo going on his first rescue mission with Seo Yi-Kang. But a typhoon struck making the rescue near impossible. Kang Hyun-Jo gets a vision showing the boy who went missing alive and well. The duo continues their search even though they were ordered not to. They found the child and took him back to Saftey. In doing so the pair came up with a Unique Way to make locations. By using sticks and stones no less.

Now that you have Refreshed your Memory. Read Jirisan Episode 2 Spoilers to learn what is to come in the next Episode.

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Jirisan Episode 2 Spoilers

In Episode 2 what we hope to see is a further explanation of Kang Hyun-Jo’s Visions. Since how long has he had them? Do the Visions Often come true? What answer is he looking for in the Cruel Terrain of Jirisan National Park? Furthermore, We will be able to see the rangers go on more and more missions. Kang Hyun-Jo’s visions will certainly be helpful in future missions. Furthermore, More details of the Supposed accident that paralyzed Seo Yi-Kang and put Kang Hyun-Jo in a Coma. Why did Seo Yi-Kang come back to the office, What exactly is she investigating. Find out by watching Jirisan Episode 2.

Now that you know what to expect in Episode 2, Read Jirisan Episode 2 Release Date to learn when you can watch the Episode.

Jirisan Episode 2 Eng Sub, Release Date, Recap, Spoilers, Watch Online

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Jirisan Episode 2 Release Date

The Viel Premiered on tvN on the 23rd of October 2021. It aired every Weekend on Saturdays and Sundays at 09:00 PM KST. Jirisan Episode 2 will be aired on the 24th of October 2021. The Series has a total of 16 Episodes with 70 Minutes each. And has an IMDB rating of 8.6. The Mystery-Thriller drama seems to have gained a lot of fans from just the Pilot Episode. Fans are super excited for the second episode and are waiting to see more of Kang Hyun-Jo’s Powers.

Now that you know when to expect Episode 2. Read Jirisan Episode 2 Watch Online to learn where you can stream the Episode. 

Where to Stream Episode 2

For the Shows International Audience, There are Several Streaming services like iQIYI, Rakuten Viki, and DramaCool Where you can watch the episodes with no issues. However, For those who are not well versed in the Korean Language, English subtitles are provided on all Streaming Sites. Hope you Found Everything You were Looking for.

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