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Yumi’s Cell Episode 12 Release Date, Eng Sub, Recap, Spoilers


Yumi’s Cell Episode 12 Release Date, Eng Sub, Recap, Spoilers

Yumi’s Cell is a South Korean television series which is directed by Lee Sang-Yeob and written by Kim Kyung-ran and Kim Yoon-Joo. The starring cast of the show is Kim Go-Eun, Ahn Bo-Hyun, Jinyoung, Lee Yu-bi, and Park Ji-Hyun. Based on the Webtoon of the same name, let’s discuss more Yumi’s Cell Episode 12 Release Date, Eng Sub, Recap, Spoilers

Yumi’s Cell is a psychological romance drama where life revolves around Yumi who works in the office. Her life switches between Yumi’s real life and inside her mind. With a heartbroken and lost every hope in love. Her cells might have been in a tough situation but the sudden appearance of Goo-Woong change her life completely. The series will track her relationship growth and change from her brain cells to a love cell. Game developer Goo Woong, and her co-workers Ruby and Seo Sae-Yi help her friends to receive her love.

Yumi’s Cell Episode 11 Recap

Before going on to Yumi’s Cell Episode 12 Recap let’s recap the previous episode of the series.

In the last episode, Yumi and Woong have overcome lots of obstacles. Finally, they both are learning new things about each other. Finally, the Sae Yi chapter seems to close in their love story. With her presence, Yumi finally understands her own importance and takes a stand for herself. Even Woong starts to speak up and learns to throw all the toxic friends in his life. However, both have set a new start and Bobby’s role would be more challenging in the next episode.

In episode 9 we have to see whether Yumi and Woong will stay together at the end? Or Will they move apart from each other? All of these questions seem more eager to the fans. After all, in today’s episode, a new story will begin with both of them.

Yumi’s Cell Episode 12 Release Date, Eng Sub, Recap, Spoilers

Yumi’s Cell Episode 12 Spoilers

Yumi’s Cell Episode 12 is going to come today. Yumi’s Cell is a cherished series and it ranked top of the chart with the heartwarming love reunion scene. This week it is crossed the 3% rating, making the drama reach the highest peak.  The series is closing its last episode. in this episode we can see Yumi and Woong’s romantic scene However, Bobby’s role is very a mystery person in this drama. So far, Bobby’s behavior has been quite questionable. Yumi finally transferred into a marketing department where she finally is able to acquire her dream job of becoming a writer.

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Yumi’s Cell Ep12 Eng Sub

Yumi’s Cell Episode 12 is going to premiere first on TvN. From the age of 13 and more fans can watch this romantic drama. Right now the IMDb rating of season 1 is 8.6/10 which is awesome. After releasing on TvN, you can watch this show in any South K-Drama television series like DramaCool, Kissasian. DramaFever. Moreover, Not only you can watch it in Korean subtitles but also in many different languages.

Yumi’s Cell Episode 12 Release Date

Yumi’s Cell Episode 12 is going to release on 23 October 2021 which is today. It episode is going to stream at 10:50 pm at KST on the TvN Network. Season 1 consists of 14 episodes, only a few episodes are there to release. It will be going to finish on 30 October 2021. Also, Fans shouldn’t need to be sad as Yumi’s Cell will going to have multiple seasons. As for the Pacific and Central Time Zone, the international time is to be released from 6:50 am to 8:50 am. Further, To know more about Yumi and Woong’s love story, do watch new episodes of Yumi’s Cells every Friday and Saturday. Each episode broadcasts consists of 60 min duration.

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