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Did Jeff Bezos Lie Under The Oath? Find out More
ca. 2012 --- Jeff Bezos --- Image by © Michael Prince/Forbes Collection/Corbis Outline

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Did Jeff Bezos Lie Under The Oath? Find Out More

Jeff Bezos, whose most notable achievement is being the founder of the Internet giant Amazon. Is facing Legal troubles. Which could threaten his entire career. Keep reading to find out why Jeff Bezos Lie Under The Oath

Jeff Preston Bezos is an American Entrepreneur. Up until recently, he was the President and CEO of Amazon the Shpooing Platform. He is worth over 200 Billion Dollars making him the Wealthiest Person in the World. What he started as an Online Book Store grew tremendously into the Amazon we know and use today.

What was the Accusation?

Lawmakers believe that Jeff Bezos may have been lying to the Members of Congress in a hearing before the US Congress back in 2020. During the Hearing, Bezos testified that Amazon does not use data from Third Party Sellers to Develop its own Products. But the Reuters Investigation published last Wednesday says otherwise. Furthermore, Bezos said in 2020 that Amazon’s policy protects its Third Party Sellers Data. And if found someone is in violation of the Policy, Strict Action will be taken. Five lawmakers have written to Amazon executives including the Former CEO Jeff Bezos. Amazon has to  Provide evidence of otherwise to avoid legal trouble.

Did Jeff Bezos Lie Under The Oath? Find out More

The accusation claims Amazon did use Third Pary Seller Data. Nor did they Copy Products to favor their own brands. The investigative reports also claim that Amazon rigged its Search Results. To boost its own brands over Third Party Sellers. If what they claim is true. Amazon executives are in clear contradiction of their Testimonies. And can be charged with violation of Federal Criminal Law.

The letter from the lawmakers states that Amazon has till 1st November 2021 to correct the record. And to Provide Evidence that would prove their innocence. The letter also claims that the Antitrust subcommittee is considering more options. And may refer the case to the Justice Department for Criminal Investigation. So, Did Jeff Bezos Lie Under The Oath?

What Was The Response?

Amazon’s Response to the Allegations was that to Denial. They strongly deny any and all allegations expelling them as baseless rumors. A spokesperson said ” Amazon and its Executives did not mislead the Committee in any way. And will correct the inaccurate descriptions on the Media Articles” Amazon has stated that the claims made by Reuters. And other media outlets are factually incorrect and unsubstantiated.

The Highlights Of Jeff Bezos Case

So in short the Bipartisan group of House Law Makers accuses Amazon. They are accused of stealing data from ts 3rd party sellers. Using said data to find out the products that are selling the best. Afterward, undercutting these 3rd party sellers. By making very similar products or knock-offs products. Not only that they were also accused of rigging the search engine to show Amazon’s products more priority. If the accusation is true. It would mean a direct contradiction of their Testimonies. The one from that hearing in 2020.

The letter sent to Amazon was signed by Democrats Jerrold Nadler – American Lawyer and Politician. David Cicilline –  another American Lawyer and Politician. Pramila Jayapal – American Activist and Politician.Republicans Ken Buck – American Lawyer and Politician. And Matt Gaetz, another American Lawyer, and Politician. In India, a Trade group representing thousands of Brick and Mortar Retailers urged India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi to take action against the Internet Giant.

Did Jeff Bezos Lie Under The Oath? Find out More

Jeff Bezos Lie Under The Oath? Details

Furthermore, Lying under oath is a serious offense and it could result in dire consequences no matter how rich and powerful one may be. Let’s hope Amazon will prove its innocence. And then Everyone can let bygones be bygones. However, Reuters is a very reputed website and if the article does come out as baseless it could mean serious trouble for them as Defamation is also a serious charge. Which could lose their credibility.

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