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Is Love Pregnant By Theo In You Season 3, Plot Explained

You Season 3 is out now and now that everyone is watching the show, new twists and turns are coming out. Fans who were excited for the further plot of the show are now released to see the show. Here we have all the information regarding your favourite show. Along with the answer to the most asked question, Is Love pregnant by Theo in Season 3?

You is a psychological thriller crime drama that got its release in 2018 for the first season. Seeing the popularity of the show, the second season was announced soon enough under Netflix. The second season also got the best reviews from fans and with that, the announcement for the third season got out as well.

You Season 3 is out and with it being getting reviews and positive responses from viewers, the production house has already put out the news for season 4 of the show.

Is Love Pregnanat By Theo In You Season 3, Plot Explained


The show follows Joe Goldberg, a man who worked in a library and got obsessive over an author. He starts secretly following her and stalking her in person and online. The first season revolves around the character making sure nothing comes in between him and his love interest.

In season 2 Joe Goldberg moves to Los Angels to start a new life and meets Love Quinn. He starts having the same attitude and seeing this tries to make the best out of his relationship.

You Season 3, which was released on October 15 is presenting the married life of Joe Goldberg and Love Quinn. They also have a son Henry. You season 3 also presents Joe Goldberg having the same obsessive behaviors towards a new character Natalie. To make sure that her family does not get ruined due to someone’s interference, Love takes some bold steps in season 3. The show has new characters in the news season as well and people have put out the best reaction.

Is Love Pregnanat By Theo In You Season 3, Plot Explained

Is Love Pregnant By Theo?

You season 3 has a lot of new and interesting things to show. The show presents that the couple has moved to the  Californian suburb of Madre Linda along with a son. Love however finds a thing in Joe’s box and discovers that it belongs to no other than Natalie. She gets furious upon learning about the affair and takes an ax and kills Natalie.

Later in the series, she finds herself wondering if she is pregnant. The question was not only this she was more confused about who the father is? Love who killed Natalie because of her affair with Joe, herself has hooked up with a teenage boy, Theo. This is the reason why she was confused about the father of the baby.

When she finds out that she is not pregnant, she approaches Joe and wants to behave another baby with him. The show has presented a new side to the characters and to the story as well. It is also possible that Love killed Theo as well.

Fans Reaction On Love

The reaction to Love being pregnant with Theo’s child is amazing. Where some find it hard to believe, some are whipped with the news. Fans have put out their opinion on Twitter. A user wrote Love must be crazy as hell to ask Joe for another baby after killing Theo. Another said that Don’t tell me that Love is pregnant by Theo.

Well to fans’ relief Love indeed is not pregnant by Theo.


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