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The Kings Affection Episode 3 Release Date, Spoilers, Recap & Preview


The Kings Affection Episode 3 Release Date, Spoilers, Recap & Preview

The king’s Affection is an ongoing South Korean historical romantic drama television series. Let’s get you all the details regarding The Kings Affection Episode 3 Release Date, Spoilers, Recap & Preview.

The show starts in the Joseon Dynasty, the Crown Princess Consort give birth to the twins one which is considered a bad ominous sign. An order is passed to kill his daughter, so she secretly sends her daughter away to save her life. After many years passed when her twin son Lee Hwi dies due to an accident, she hides from everyone and bring back the daughter, and raises her as Prince Lee Hwi. Eventually, Prince Lee Hwi become the Crown Princess.

The masterly drama was directed by a talented person Song Hyun Wook and written by Han Hee Jung. The story revolves around the princess who was ordered to be killed at birth but she becomes a crown princess. Let us know about the next episode 3 Release Date, Spoilers, and Recap & Preview in this article.

The Kings Affection Episode 2 Recap

Before moving on to The Kings Affection Episode 3, Let’s get you a quick recap.

In the first and second episodes, we see that the Crown Prince is going to kill his daughter but her mother keeps her daughter away from everyone. Things have changed when her son died and bring back her daughter secretly in the dynasty. Lee Hwi has to keep her identity away from everyone and she is planning to become a Crown Princess to rule. Now the twist will come in episode 3 the entry of Jung Ji Un who is the teacher. The show runtime is 70 minutes.

The Kings Affection Episode 3 Release Date, Spoilers, Recap & Preview

The Kings Affection Episode 3 Spoilers

The last two episodes of the series show us a beautiful village of the Joseon Dynasty where a Crown Princess give the born to a twin boy and a girl which was considered a bad omen during that period. After a year, when her twin boy died in an accident, the Crown Princess bring back her daughter secretly, and soon in the show she become a Crown princess. Also, The protagonist Park Eun Bin will make an impression with Han Ki Jae and her parents, King Hyejong and No Ha Kyung.

In the next episode, we are going to see Lee Hwi who is having a hard time getting close to anyone as she has to keep her identity secret. Lee Hwi would develop feelings for Jung Ji Un in their training session. Now we will be going to see what twist will happen in their relationship. Right now the IMDb of the show is 8.7/10. The cast of the show are am Yoon-Su, Park Eun-bin, Bae Yoon-Kyung, Lee Pill-mo, Yoon Je-moon, Choi Byung-chan, Bae Soo-bin, Rowoon, and Jung Chae-Yeon will be seen.

The Kings Affection Episode 3 Preview

The Kings Affection E3 Preview starts with Jung Ji Un and Lee Hwi’s relationship. Ji Un has made a place in the dynasty as a teacher of Lee Hwi and they both develop a strong feeling. Crown Prince is started to have a suspect on her. Moreover, there is a connection of her brother’s death which slightly provokes her to become a princess.

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The Kings Affection E3 Release Date

The Kings Affection Episode 3 is going to release on 18th October 2021. Moreover, the two exciting episodes come regularly on Monday and Tuesday. You can watch this show on KBS, Netflix, Drama Cool, and Kissaisan. Moreover, The duration of the show is 1hr 10 minutes. The full episode consists of 20. Further, We know that you have a high expectation for the next episode. Especially the child actress Choi Myung Bin who has transformed herself into a maid from a Young Prince. In India, the episode will release at 8 pm G.S.T.

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