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The Billion Dollar Code Is True Story? Summary, Terra Vision Vs Google Earth?


Is Google Earth Stolen Idea? Here’s The Answer

The Billion Dollar Code is a 2021 German Miniseries Developed by Netflix. It is based on actual events that took place in the min nineties. Is Google Earth Stolen Idea? Here’s The Answer.

This series takes us back to the 90s, to the starting of the digital world. The series started in 1900 Berlin, an artist and a hacker invented a new system the see the world differently. Years later, they come together to sue Google for patent infringement. Everyone who watched the show has one question in mind- Is google earth a stolen idea?

There Will be Major Spoilers Ahead. Don’t Say We Didn’t Warn You

So, Did Google Steal the Idea of Google Earth From Terravision. The Answer is Yes, Yes they did. Did Google get away with it? Also Yes. Like how big corporations always get away with things. As for the original inventors of the code, they were left with nothing. They were offered a rather substantial sum as compensation. Which they refused. Getting the recognition they were owed was simply greater than any amount of money.

Billion Dollar Code: The Plot 

Google Earth Stolen Idea The Beginning

The Story behind in the Present Day with a Case Deposition with the Carsten Schluter and Juri Muller. They are recounting the set of events that led to the idea behind Terravision. At the time Carsten was a University Student with an aptitude for Digital Art. He would hold galleries of his art at Underground Night Clubs that were common at that time in history. He met Juri at one such Club. Juri was a brilliant Coder and a member of the Hacher Gang, Chaos Computer Club. Juri helps Carsten with one of his art pieces with the image of Earth. This got Carsten thinking and thus giving birth to Terravison. A program where one can zoom in to anywhere on Earth using only a computer. With that in mind, they set out to make the idea a reality.

In order for it to work, They needed a computer with an Onyx Reality Engine which was quite expensive at that time. Therefore they turned to Deutsche Telekom for funding. They were promised the funding under one condition. They had to finish the project in time for the Kyoto Technological Conference that was going to take place the following year. To which they compiled thereby securing the funds required for their pet project. With that, they started working on Terravision. No matter how fast they would work the computers of that time simply did not have the ability to process the data. They found the solution in a rather odd way as he had it while he collapsed from the Stress. With that, they were able to successfully implement Terravision. Terravision became the talk of the conference as no one has seen such a piece of software before.

Where It All Went Wrong- Google Earth Stolen Idea

At the Conference, Terravision caught the eye of Brian Anderson. The innovator of the Onyx Reality Engine. He invited Carsten and Juri to Silicon Valley where he befriends the due. He developed a deeper bond with Juri because of their shared love of Coding. Brian offers Juri a Job but Carsten convinces Juri to go back to Berlin. Bach home they found investors willing to back their idea. And with that they founded Art+Com. Finding investors was a rather tedious task as the internet wasn’t as big as it is back then. With the internet craze finally hitting Berlin they heard the news. Google announced their upcoming project Google Earth. With Brian Anderson no less. Carsten could not believe his eyes as the resemblance of Google Earth to Terravision was uncanny. But it should be impossible as their algorithm is the only one in the world.

Juri reveals he explained the algorithm to Brain back when they visited Silicon Valley. Little did they know Brain would claim the code as his own creation. Brain meets Carsten and Jury and expressed his interest in acquiring the patent for Terravision. Juri is thrilled but Carsen advises they get a lawyer. Juri was not pleased with that idea. They decide to send Google an Offer letter which Google Rejects. Simultaneously blocking the duo from claiming any ownership of their innovation. Devastated as there is nothing they can do that can help their current predicament. They decide to move on.

Is Google Earth Stolen Idea? Here's The Answer

Is Google Earth really a stolen idea?

The Aftermath of Google Earth Stolen Idea

Carsten decided to get back into Digital Art Exhibitions. While Yuri tries to prove Google’s deceit. They visit several lawyers to see if they have a case. But none are willing to help due to its complexity. This was the wake-up call Carsten needed as he decided to leave Art+Com soon after. Taking up the role of a Professor with the rest of the Team following his example. In the present day, Lea their lawyer explains how she has seen several big conglomerates claim credit for the work of another and get away with it. She wanted to make a difference by hopefully winning their case. The trial is set in Delaware USA. With Carsten and Yuri on the same page, they have at least some hope of success. Now that we know about the aftermath, let’s move on to Google Earth Stolen Idea.

Is Google Earth Stolen Idea? – What Happened in The Billion Dollar Code Court Case

As one might assume. It went exactly how a case against a powerful conglomerate would go. Their lawyers trying to twist the facts making it seem they did nothing wrong. All the while making the little guy out to be the Villain. Even though Google claimed that Google Earth is a free service. Lea argued that the data collected from its user could add up to 700 Million Dollars. There were a lot of tense moments with Google tying their best to look innocent. Which was met by precise counters by Lea.

However, since Juri was part of the Chaos Computer Club. A group of known criminals his testimony was about to be deemed unreliable. Since Juri was never an official member, his testimony was deemed reliable. But it all went south when Brain Anderson came for his testimony shocking everyone. Anderson claimed he had no memory of meeting Carsten and Juri as he meets a lot of people. And travels all over the world. With Anderson’s testimony, the case was decided in favor of Google

To execute this idea they need funding to acquire the computing power which they both need to approach Mega Corporation Deutsche Telekom who is known for funding unique technology at the time. Carsten promises him that if this software becomes ready fully then they can take it to the conference in Kyoto which is next year. They pull their socks and made a team that consists of both the hacker collective and Carsten’s artist friends.

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The Billion Dollar Code Cast

The Billion Dollar Code series follows the story of two individual who is the true creator of the Good Earth which we still use today. Moreover, The cast member of the series are Lavinia Wilson, Mark Waschke, Mišel Matičević, Leonard Scheicher, Seumas F. Sargent, and Marius Ahrendt. These two German developers known as the Winklevoss brothers who had made a Terravision in 1994 and fought for a year to get recognition as the owner of the algorithm used in Google Earth.

Is Google Earth Stolen Idea?  Watch  This Series

The Billion Dollar Code is already released on 7 October 2021, Thursday. It is premiered on Netflix at 9 am. The film makes has already released the official trailer of the show with an IMDb rating of 8.2/10. and it is getting a huge response. As it is based on a true story, fans are eager to watch this show. It has only 4 episodes. This series is all about action, suspense, justice in the digital world, struggle, dreams, and loyalty. The two individuals have changed the world with their own software. It is a story well-written, well-executed, and worth watching. and answers the most important question Is Google Earth Copied From Terra Vision?

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