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Blue Birthday Episode 16 Release Date, Time, Predictions, Watch Online


Blue Birthday Episode 16 Release Date, Time, Predictions, Watch Online

If you are also waiting for Blue Birthday Episode 16, then read the article to find out everything about it.

Blue birthday is a popular South Korean fantasy thriller. It is also popular among the nations as the show stars the pop idol Kim Yeri, the member of the famous K-pop group red velvet, and Yang Hong Seok from the Pentagon. It’s both of the idol’s acting projects and fans have supported them from the beginning. The show got an immense good response as it has a 9/10 rating on IMDb. Blue birthday also premiered on we TV on July 26.


Before moving on to Blue Birthday Episode 16 release date, let’s get you a quick plot recap.

The show follows the story of Oh Harin who travels to the past with the help of some photographs. She goes back to meet her first love, Ji Seo Jun. They were childhood friends but Seojun committed suicide ten years ago. The show follows Harin finding out the reason behind his suicide and stop him from doing it again going back and forth in past and present.

Blue Birthday Episode 16 Release Date, Time, Predictions, Watch Online

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Blue Birthday Episode 16 Spoiler

In the previous episode, we saw how Ha rin has been trying to save Seo Jun. She finally gets success in doing so but falls off of the building herself. As the show has shown us hearing traveling to the past and coming back to the present throughout the show. There are chances that she may not die and come back in time. We can also see more of what happened with Seojun that he decided to take his own life. There is so much to unfold but in just one episode.

The first season of the episode is said to have only 16 episodes so it is anxious that the first season is coming to an end. So we can see more of their relationship and even what will happen if Harin is able to change the past and was able to keep Seo jun alive.

Another plot can be what Seojun will do if anything happens to Harin. The show will surely have a lot of things to say. We can just wait for the release of the episode. Stay with us for more updates about the show.

Blue Birthday Episode 16 Release Date, Time, Predictions, Watch Online

Blue Birthday Ep16 Release date

Blue birthday episode 16 is all ready to release and we have all the information related to it. The episode will come out on September 11, 2021. The episode will be out on Saturday by 6:00 PM. It may be soon available for everyone to watch. Just wait a few days and you will have the episode there for you to watch.

Blue Birthday Episode 16 Where To Watch

Blue birthday episode 15 will be available on Viki once it’s released. This episode will go on air on 11 September and the fans can see the episode later on the website. You can watch the episodes with English subtitles since their release in Korea.

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